My take on spanking, domestic discipline and feminism….

A few months ago I blogged about spanking and feminism. The Wellred Weekly asked if I would expand on that subject. Can a woman be spanked and still call her self a feminist? How does domestic discipline and gender equality mesh? See my article in the Wellred Weekly.

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2 Responses to My take on spanking, domestic discipline and feminism….

  1. Sadey Quinn says:

    “So having a dominant man enforce his will by spanking is only an extension of what is common anyway.”


    I haven’t received criticisms from feminists yet, but I’m anticipating it… I will save the link to your article for an easy response. Nice work.

  2. Cara Bristol says:

    Thank you, Sadey. In the article, I particularly liked the comment someone else made to the effect that feminists wanted to free women from the domination of men, only to expect women to do things the feminist way. Exchanging one set of shackles for another is not liberation. And for anyone reading this comment out of context, for the record, I am a feminist.

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