Review of False Pretenses: “I highly recommend it to any spanking enthusiast who is looking for a good read!”

The second Rod and Cane Society story

False Pretenses received a 5 star review from Bottoms Up Book Reviews, the only site that reviews just spanking fiction. False Pretenses about an aspiring journalist who goes undercover at a secret society of men who spank their wives, with the goal of exposing the organization — only to find out her new boyfriend is a member.

False Pretenses is the second Rod and Cane Society novel (the first being Unexpected Consequences). The books are “linked,” with certain characters reappearing, but each can be read as stand alone.

Said Bottoms Up Book Reviews, “I truly enjoy Cara Bristol’s writing style.  She has shown time and again how she is able to take a simple statement and turn it into something much more beautiful.”

“I partially expected this book to be like most other sequels – pretty good, but not as good as the original.  Cara Bristol certainly proved me wrong.  This book was fantastic,” Bottoms Up said. “It is wonderful in the series, but is strong enough to stand on its own. I highly recommend it to any spanking enthusiast who is looking for a good read!”

Complete Bottoms Up Book Review 

Other 5 Star reviews:

“The BDSM RealMeter in this one, for me, is high with the spanking. It is well written and depicted and definitely plausible (and I have to say YUMMY!”) — Goodreads Review

“The sex and spanking scenes between Dan and Emma as their relationship develops are off-the-charts HOT. Despite their flaws and the false pretenses both characters were operating under, I loved both Dan and Emma and was cheering for their happy ending.

If you’re looking for a well-written erotic romance novel with spanking and domestic discipline themes portrayed in a realistic way, I highly recommend False Pretenses as well as its predecessor, Unexpected Consequences.”  – Amazon Review

How to Buy False Pretenses

False Pretenses is available in multiple ebook formats on Loose Id and All Romance ebooks and is available for Kindle on Amazon and Amazon UK.

False Pretenses Blurb

Freelance journalist Emma Dupree needs a sensational story to boost her career and free her from the corporate hell of her day job. She finds her blockbuster in the Rod and Cane Society, an organization that encourages men to spank their spouses and goes undercover to expose the kinky perversions. Fearing she could be scooped by a rival reporter, she keeps a tight lid on her story, not even telling her new boyfriend.

Dan Tanner knows all about keeping secrets. He’s a member of the kinky perv organization Emma is striving to expose. This real estate agent has a major spanking fetish and would like nothing more than to get his hands on Emma’s ass, but fears rejection from his sexy new lady who insists she’s 100 percent pure vanilla.

They’re both operating under False Pretenses. Who will be the first to lose their cover and when Emma loses hers, will she let Dan discipline her for it?

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