She’s got some ‘splainin’ to do: spanking 1950s style

If you’re into spanking and haven’t stumbled across 1950s Wife, you’ve missed a real treat. The blog, written by Claire Colinsgrove, provides a clever, entertaining and creative perspective of spanking, 1950s style. Think zany disobedience a la “I Love Lucy.”

Cara Bristol: How would you describe your blog?

Claire Colinsgrove: Hot M/F spanking/marital-discipline erotic fiction coupled with zany satire of traditional sex roles in marriage. The blog is styled as a marital advice column from the women’s magazines of the 1950s

Cara Bristol: What was the inspiration for 1950s Wife? Why the 1950s?

Claire Colinsgrove: Popular culture of the 1950s is full of images celebrating the notion of the submissive housewife who builds her world around pleasing her dominant, but loving, husband. Though I doubt if that much “wife spanking” really went on, plenty of images from film and print from that era show wives getting spanked by their husbands for domestic mishaps: burning the dinner, making bad coffee, putting a dent in the family car while out grocery shopping, etc… So the setting works well.

I don’t see the blog’s stories taking place in the 1950s. More like 1950s-style characters with attitudes from that era about the proper roles of husbands and wives in marriage have somehow been transported to modern day.

Cara Bristol: How do you come up with your ideas?

Claire Colinsgrove: I think of a fantasy spanking scenario that appeals to me and try to build a funny story around it.

Though I would not like to be bossed around in real life like the wives in my stories, in fantasy, at least, nothing gets me hotter than good old-fashioned male chauvinism that reflects itself in husband feeling entitled to soundly spank wife’s naughty bottom for breaking his rules. And I figured that, if I was going to depict male chauvinism as a positive thing, I might as well celebrate it to a ridiculous degree.

Most of the comments from readers indicate that they recognize that the blog is a satire. But I have gotten a few e-mails from people who don’t seem to get the joke.

Cara Bristol: What makes for a good spankable offense?

Claire Colinsgrove: The wives in my stories get spanked for ridiculously trivial offenses such as leaving a speck of dust on the window sill or being five minutes late with dinner. I do this for comic effect. But also, as I mentioned, because the scenario of an extremely strict husband who spanks hard to ensure his partner is a perfect little submissive housewife is a huge turn-on for me.

As I don’t practice DD in real-life, I can’t comment knowledgably about what sort of offenses deserve spanking. I guess whatever couples who practice that lifestyle are comfortable with.

Cara Bristol: What do you think excites people about spanking? Why is there such an interest?

For me, spanking is an integral part of my sexuality. I recall starting to fantasize about it around age 12. I remember spending hours making up stories in my head that I was the submissive wife being spanked by her husband or the submissive schoolgirl being spanked by teacher. I developed very late sexually, but finally realized some years later that if I fantasized about spanking while touching myself “down there” I’d experience a most pleasant sensation.

Why are some people are “kinky” and others not? I suspect childhood experiences have something to do with it. But I really can’t say.

Many of my readers tell me they practice Domestic Discipline, known as DD for short, where their partners use traditional corporal-punishment-style discipline, including spanking, for real-life situations. My readers indicate that the spankings are not meant to turn them on, but are instead actual punishments to help improve areas of their lives. Personally, this is not my thing. But, if the arrangement is consensual, I support peoples’ right to live their intimate lives as they choose.

Cara Bristol: Do you have a favorite blog post? Which one? Which post has been most popular with readers?

Claire Colinsgrove: In terms of web traffic, the most popular post by far was the one titled “Spanking and Soap Paste for a Wife Who Won’t ‘Swallow’.” In this story, “1950s Wife” advises a concerned husband, whose wife is averse to completing the final act in oral sex, how to train her through a firm regime of reward-and-punishment to appreciate the taste and texture.

I don’t really have a favorite post. I humbly submit that all of them are great!

Cara Bristol: You’ve also contributed to the Spanking Hand Book, the Authoritative Guide to Adult Discipline.  Can you tell us a little about that?

Claire Colinsgrove: For my part, I wrote a story where a naughty wife gets a stocking full of switches and sexy lingerie for her Christmas presents, much to her husband’s enjoyment. After she’s spanked that morning and they eat their Christmas turkey in the afternoon, they culminate Christmas evening with hours of bed-shaking sex, which is the wife’s real present.

Each contributor is allowed to sell e-copies of the book on their blogs and websites via Pay Pal and we split the proceeds with the publisher.

Cara Bristol: When you’re not blogging, who is Claire Colinsgrove?

Claire Colinsgrove: I walk our dog, clean the house, go the gym, make dinner, watch TV, go to bed, wake up in the morning and do it all over again. My life is just like 1950s Wife, except I don’t get spanked L

Claire’s blog:

On Twitter: @wellspankedwife


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6 Responses to She’s got some ‘splainin’ to do: spanking 1950s style

  1. E. Jamie says:

    What a fantastic intriguing interview! I’m new to DD fiction and am so loving what I’m reading so far.

    • Laura P. says:

      I agree! I love the scenario of a husband being “man enough” to discipline his wife. One aspect of DD that appeals to me is when the wife is required to wear a basque (or corset) as part of her “training”. Yummy!

      • Seek says:

        Corset training, I believe, is the very essence of 50s-style living. A corset should be extremely tight and worn almost around the clock. A husband should see to it that his wife’s waist is reduced to less than 20 inches — and remains there for good. She also should wear high heels and be punished with frequent maintenance as well as discipline spankings. I wish to find a woman who is dedicated to such a life on a permanent basis.

  2. GMarie says:

    I want to enter this life styl but I can’t get my husband into it. How do I do it?

  3. Cara Bristol says:

    Checking out Learning Domestic Discipline at:

    Also, check the discussion of how women introduced spanking to their relationships:

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