A secret society of men who spank? Mum’s the word!

Emma Dupree...a woman to with a mission to take down the kinky Rod and Cane Society

I’ve heard a rumor there’s a secret organization of men who spank their, wives and I’ve also heard that Emma Dupree, a freelance reporter, might know something about it.  I’m hoping that Emma can share some of the juicy details, because you know how much I like spanking!

Cara Bristol: Welcome, Emma. It’s a pleasure to have you today.

Emma Dupree: Thank you. This is a different experience for me. As a journalist, I’m used to asking the questions rather than answering them. I feel like I’m in the hot seat.

Cara Bristol [chuckling]: Speaking of hot, I hear you’re working on a spanking hot story.

Emma Dupree [frowns]: Where’d you hear that?

Cara Bristol: I have a few sources left from my journalism days.

Emma Dupree: Unfortunately, I cannot confirm nor deny that rumor.

Cara Bristol: Off the record?

Emma Dupree: Off the record? Let’s just say I might have heard about the Rod and Cane Society, a cabal of men who spank their wives to maintain discipline in the home.

Cara Bristol: You’re kidding?

Emma Dupree: I wish I were. This is the 21st century for goodness sake. Women vote now! I can’t imagine letting any man spank me, let alone for discipline. What gives him the right? And what woman would be crazy enough to allow it?

Cara Bristol: Hypothetically if you were going to write about the Rod and Cane Society, how would you do it?

Emma Dupree: Well…maybe I would pretend to be a single woman looking for a strong man to lead my home, and I would join the Wives’ Auxiliary of such an organization. I would surreptitiously interview the members and note what goes on.

Cara Bristol: But isn’t it an organization for married people?

Emma Dupree: Most of the members are married by virtue of the fact that the practice of domestic discipline requires that you have a partner. But there are a few singles who join because they support the concept.

Cara Bristol: How were you able to get in? I would think an organization like that would have safeguards to protect its privacy.

Emma Dupree: They do. But if you get two male members to sponsor you and you sign their confidentiality agreement, you’re in.

Cara Bristol: Two male members?

Emma Dupree [nodding]: That’s how archaic they are! A woman has to be vouched for by a man. That’s reason enough to take down the organization!

Cara Bristol: So that’s what you’re trying to do – take down the organization?

Emma Dupree: Did I say that? To use your word, hypothetically if I were writing about the organization, I would write a fair and impartial story and let the public decide.

Cara Bristol: I imagine a story like that could boost your career.

Emma Dupree: That’s what I’m hoping. I only freelance now. I work at an insurance company during the day. If I can write a story that gets noticed, I can go full time with the Sentinel.

Cara Bristol: Getting back to something else you mentioned….a confidentiality agreement?

Emma Dupree [shrugs and waves her hand]: Yeah. Rod and Cane requires that you sign a nondisclosure statement. Members are prohibited from revealing anything about the society to outsiders.

Cara Bristol: Why is that?

Emma Dupree: I guess when you’re a kinky group of pervs you don’t want people to know about it.

Cara Bristol: But if you joined the organization and signed the agreement, aren’t you bound by its rules?

Emma Dupree: I don’t consider myself to be a real member. And if I do violate the rules, what can they do? Spank me?

Cara Bristol: With your day job and your freelance career, it sounds like you have your hands full.

Emma Dupree: And I just met somebody!

Cara Bristol: A new boyfriend?

Emma Dupree: It’s too soon to call him that. We have our first date tonight. He was passing through my neighborhood when I was looking for Jinx, my cat. He helped me find him. [Emma turns red].

Cara Bristol: You’re blushing.

Emma Dupree: Off the record?

Cara Bristol: Absolutely.

Emma Dupree:  In getting Jinx, Dan got dirty so I let him take a shower. One thing led to another and, you know.

Cara Bristol: Before your first date?

Emma Dupree: I’ve never done anything like that before! But he’s so sexy. And helpful and nice. [Frowns] I think he likes butts.

Cara Bristol: What do you mean?

Emma Dupree: I think he’s an ass man. When we were having sex in the shower, he’d seemed to pay a lot of attention to my butt.

Cara Bristol: Any chance he’s into spanking?

Emma Dupree [shakes her head vigorously]: Oh no. He’s way too mild mannered for that. He’d no more be into spanking than he’d be a member of the Rod and Cane Society.

Cara Bristol: Thank you for the interview, Emma.

Emma Dupree: Thank you. Sorry I couldn’t go public with anything. It’s just too soon. I’m afraid someone will scoop me if I say too much.

Cara Bristol: I understand. Best of luck to you.

Well, Dear Reader, I wasn’t able to get much information out of Emma Dupree – not anything she was willing to go on record with. Journalists are a tight-lipped bunch. But you can find out more about her in False Pretenses, my latest domestic discipline erotic romance, and the second Rod and Cane Society novel.

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5 Responses to A secret society of men who spank? Mum’s the word!

  1. Alice Dark says:

    Kinky group of pervs indeed! Sounds to me like this sweet young lady needs to go OTK for a bit of discipline. 😉

  2. “I think he’s an ass man.” Hilarious understatement.

    Clever post, Cara!

  3. Emma is like the modern-day Nancy Drew but searching for clues in the bedroom! I love her!

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