How I got started writing spanking stories…

The cover of Spanked! the anthology that includes Intimate Submission. The cover of the individual IS book also looks like this.

Today is my anniversary. Not my wedding (although that was this month, too — 19 years!). It was three years ago today — July 23, 2009 — that I signed a contract with Black Velvet Seductions to publish Intimate Submission, my very first erotic romance. Since then, I’ve published a total of six steamy books with three publishers. Four of them involve spanking. Two of them are part of a domestic discipline series. You can view them all under the “My Books” tab.

It began innocently enough. I was playing. I’ve been a writer all my life, but I  wrote an erotic romance purely for my own amusement. In the story, a woman goes to a job interview and is so bowled over by the man who would be her boss, she’s willing to do anything and almost everything to please him. They end up having sex — all kinds of kinky sex — in his office. I tossed in some spanking. At the end, the reader finds out they’re actually married and are celebrating the anniversary of their first meeting. Wait! I did NOT spoil the end. Keep reading.

The original cover of Intimate Submission when it was first released.

After I finished Intimate Submission, I thought, “hey, this isn’t bad. Maybe I could sell this.” So I started researching publishers who accepted erotic shorts (it was about 15K) and found Black Velvet Seductions, a small publisher who’d put out a call for submissions for its “Spanked Wives Anthology.” The description and word count requirements seemed to fit what I had written exactly. I emailed it off, feeling more confident about about a submission than I ever had in my life.

And it was rejected! Basically my future editor did not like the ending. She thought readers would feel cheated to find out the couple were married. But she offered me chance to rewrite and resubmit.

I did, she accepted it, and it was published in October 2009. So my earlier “spoiler” is not a spoiler afterall. The published version has a completely different ending than my original submission.

Intimate Submission was published in Spanked!, the BVS “Spanked Wives Anthology,” which also includes my second story,  Secret Desires. Spanked! was released in October 2010. Both stories are available as individual ebook downloads as well.

In celebration of my anniversary, BVS will give away a free copy of Intimate Submission. All you have to do is post a comment here and leave your email address. On July 25, 2012, I’ll pick a winner, who will receive a code enabling her/him to download a free copy of Intimate Submission from Smashwords.

What should you comment about? Surprise me! It’s my anniversary!

Here’s a little excerpt from Intimate Submission. Reese and Jamie are in the middle of the job interview. They’re not married in this scene:

Intimate Submission Excerpt

Reese held her gaze and leaned forward. “I need to make something perfectly clear before we proceed. I’m looking for someone who can think for herself, who isn’t afraid to try new things, but who knows my word is final. I’m demanding, but fair. I have high expectations. Satisfy me and you’ll be rewarded.”

He paused. “Fail, and there are consequences for that, too.”


Jamie’s breath caught in her throat as her cunt spasmed. He was talking about the job, for Chrissakes! What was wrong with her that she inferred lewdness in his words, his tone?

“Jamie?” His eyes narrowed.

“I understand.”

“So you think you perform well under firm discipline?”

Jamie lifted her chin, faking confidence. “I thrive on it, sir.”

“You have no problem submitting to authority?” Reese leaned back in his chair. He undid the button of his jacket, and Jamie’s eyes were drawn to the way his near-black suit and crisp white shirt molded the lines of his muscular body.

Desire fluttered in her stomach and to quell it, she dropped her gaze and focused on his desk.

Bad move. Instantly she pictured him bending her over the polished surface as he drove into her from behind. Jamie bit her lip to suppress a moan.

She forced herself to focus on his question. It was something about submitting to authority. That was it. Did she have trouble doing what she was told? “No sir,” she answered carefully. Why did his eyes flash every time she said, ‘Yes, sir,’ or ‘No, sir’? “I understand this is a supportive role. In my last position as a project manager—”

The interview passed in a blur. When she thought about it afterwards, she couldn’t recall what Reese had asked or how she’d answered, only that she had ached with sexual arousal.

At the conclusion of the interview, she stood up on quivering legs. She clamped them together in a futile attempt to control the trembling and halt the flow of moisture from her creaming pussy. Her nipples hurt. “Thank you for the opportunity,” she said, extending her hand as Reese rounded the desk.

Sexual energy jolted through her as he clasped it, but she forced herself to concentrate. She wet her lips. “Could…could you tell me when you expect to make a decision?”

“I’ve already made it.” His shuttered expression told her he wasn’t yet going to share it with her. He exerted a subtle pressure to pull her closer to him before releasing her hand.

“Have lunch with me.” It wasn’t a request.

Run! Her rational mind screamed. “Yes,” she agreed, then added, sir.”

“Do you know what happens to little girls who play with fire, Jamie?” he asked in a low tone.

She tossed her head. “They get burned?”

“They get spanked.”

Intimate Submission on Amazon

Intimate Submission on Amazon UK


Spanked! Kindle version

Spanked! print version


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18 Responses to How I got started writing spanking stories…

  1. Glori says:

    Happy anniversary! May there be more spanking stories to come!
    (Opps… pun not intended. LOL)

  2. Scott R says:

    Sounds like a great story. lastrideusa AT yahoo DOT com

  3. MargitaLily says:

    Can I get the sing copy anywhere?

  4. Happy Anniversary!

    Will there be cake?

  5. MargitaLily says:


  6. Thianna D says:

    Okay, so I absolutely love your stories. This is one I don’t have yet, so I will cross my fingers:)

    Reese sounds damned hot.

    Will you be adding to more of your Rod & Cane society soon? Would love to see the inner workings of the group more.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      I plan to start writing next Rod and Cane Society story in August. It’s percolating in my brain right now. I’m really looking forward to writing it because there will be fireworks and hot bottoms!

  7. Don’t enter me in the contest (I already own a copy of SPANKED!), but I did want to say happy anniversary. Here’s to many more years of quality readables!

  8. I haven’t read anything DD specific before but these look intriguing. I like the look of the RaCS too.

  9. Happy anniversary! There is something so erotic, so sexual about spanking. It is difficult to explain to people who have never been well spanked. Your work, however, puts the reader right there, paddle in hand or ass up. You capture the aching desire to feel the sting on your skin. After reading your work, if I’d never been spanked before (I know, it’s really tasks the imagination), I want it. Bad. Keep writing , please!

  10. john says:

    mmm I’ve read your stuff for a while i love it.. So nice to be inspired by another writer mmmm cant wait to read more … heavenly reads.. happy anniversary your books rock!!!!! <3

  11. You’ve achieved a lot in a short time. I consider you quite iconic in the field. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

    That’s certainly one powerful trailer …

  12. Cara Bristol says:

    Congratulations to Margita Lily who won a copy of Intimate Submission. Thank you everybody for entering!

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