Melania’s first disciplinary spanking…

A naive bride marries a man who spanks.

She expected Jared to immediately wail into her with the nasty paddle he’d removed from his desk, but his touch had been almost reverent as he stroked her, his love evident. If she hadn’t been restrained, she would have lifted her hips, invited his fingers to delve into her cleft, enticed him to fill her with the erection she’d seen tenting his pants when he tied her wrists. If she could distract him sexually, maybe he wouldn’t spank her.

But she couldn’t move. She tested the restraints, pulling at the fleece-lined straps. She could move her arms and legs a few inches, but that was it. She was held fast. As her nervousness subsided, she discovered being restrained wasn’t that bad. It seemed like a kinky sex game, a little naughty, erotic. A trifle scary, but stirring. Maybe they should try this sometime when he wasn’t intending to punish her.

He’d spanked her the other night, and that hadn’t been bad at all. She’d enjoyed it. Of course, he hadn’t been angry with her then, and he’d used his hand and not a paddle, so she figured this spanking would hurt a little more, but she vowed not to cry. She would take her punishment like a woman.

To her surprise and relief, the first couple of swats hardly hurt. She jumped out of surprise, not real pain.

The next few stung a little more, but it was nothing like she had feared. Melania exhaled and relaxed against the padded leather valet. She intended to be a dutiful wife, but if from time to time she needed to defy Jared to get what she wanted, she could handle the consequences. If she’d known her punishment was going to be this easy, she would have brought the shoes home openly and said, “I want them, so spank me.”

They were such beautiful shoes, they made the pain of wearing them worthwhile. Even as she just stood, resting on the valet, they pinched her feet. But damn, they looked good.

“It’s time Melania,” Jared said.

Seconds later, her bottom exploded in agony.

Her breath caught in her throat. She couldn’t speak, couldn’t cry out, couldn’t even moan. Tears flooded her eyes.

The length of the paddle was such that it had caught both cheeks. As the pain ricocheted through her bottom, she could only lie draped over the bench, fighting tears, bracing for the next blow. If the bench hadn’t been supporting her, she would have fallen to her knees.

She waited, unable to see Jared, her stomach clenching in dread. Just as she thought her spanking might be over with the one painful swat, the second blow hit.

It landed in the same place, searing the area that hadn’t recovered from the first. The pain was greater than anything she’d ever experienced.

The paddle struck several times, and Melania burst into tears. She had given Jared the right to do this, but the reality was far harsher than she had ever imagined. There was nothing fun, sensual, or erotic about this. Her backside felt like one huge, raw blister. Although Jared delivered each blow with equal precision and evenness, each subsequent strike burned worse than the prior one.

“Please, please, please, Jared,” she begged, struggling against the restraints. She had agreed to this, but her body overruled her mind’s decision. Futilely she tried to kick and fought to cover her bottom with her hands. Restrained, she had no choice but to accept the blows.

“I’m sorry I disobeyed you.” Melania choked out the words. “I’m sorry, Jared.” No shoes were worth this. She hated those shoes. She was never going to wear them again.

“I hope you are, Melania. I hope you are sincere,” Jared said. “I don’t expect you to be perfect, but I do expect you to be honest.”

The paddle fell several more times. Melania’s world shrank to focus on the spanking and the pain radiating from her bottom. Her nostrils filled with the leather and wood smells of the valet and the faint, acrid odor of cigars Jared had smoked in his den. The scents implanted themselves deep in the primitive part of her brain to link leather and cigar with spanking.

Did buying the shoes warrant a punishment of this magnitude? She’d wheedled her way around rules and restrictions her entire life, but never had such a price been exacted. Even the court system went easy on first-time offenders. Yes, she’d disobeyed her husband and lied, but couldn’t Jared have given her another chance? Her father always had.

Each spank hammered home a new reality: her husband meant what he said. Melania couldn’t believe this was happening.

At last the spanking stopped. Her heart beat in cadence with her throbbing bottom as she waited in dread, fearing the spanking would resume, but then the restraints were released.

“I-is it o-over?” she stuttered through her tears.

“It’s over.” His voice was hoarse, oddly so, as if he shared her pain. Melania knew that wasn’t possible.

Too physically and emotionally drained to move, she remained slumped over the valet. Her throbbing bottom felt hugely swollen, and she wondered if she looked in the mirror, she’d see it had grown to gargantuan proportions.

She sensed Jared behind her, and then his hands gently smoothed over her burning buttocks, soothing the pain before trailing between her legs to caress her sex. She jerked in outrage. How could he think of such a thing? The punishment was over, and now he wanted to make love? How dare he!

“Don’t,” she ordered in a tight voice.

The fingers were gone.

From Unexpected Consequences, the first Rod and Cane Society novel

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  1. Alta Hensley says:

    Love! You have such a great way with words.


  2. Christina says:


    There is a DD fiction quiz that has been started on Blogger and I took part and gave your writing a shout out!

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