Pinterest…the latest (and greatest) social media craze…

If you haven’t been on Pinterest, you’re probably lucky. It’s a time vortex. You logon and the next thing you know, hours have disappeared. If you HAVE been on Pinterest you know how much fun it is.

For the uninitiated, Pinterest is an electronic bulletin board to which you “pin” or link photos that you’ve snagged from the internet. You also “repin” from someone else’s pin. Think of it as electronic scrapbooking. When you pin a photo, it links back to and gives credit to the original source. You can upload your own photos as well.

You categorize your “pins” into boards, organized by topic. Favorites among women include food/recipes, fashion, travel, cute things, funny things, hairstyles. Many authors have begun using Pinterest to show their vision of their books with pictures.

That’s why I got involved. First I started boards for each of my books, showing what my characters and settings look like. Then I expanded it beyond my published works to include home decorating, spanking, tattooes, healthy recipes, funny things and a few more. My boards are works in process with maybe a half dozen pins per topic. Many people have hundreds of pins in scores of boards.

Pinterest allows you to tell a story in pictures with short captions and comments. But as I said, it links back to the original site, so if I pin a recipe from the internet, someone can click on the photo and get that recipe. It’s a social medium in that you interact with other “pinners” by repinning, commenting on and/or liking their pins.

It’s a very easy social medium to figure out and use (If I can do it, anybody can). Once you create an account, you have a “Pin It” button on your toolbar that lets you pin a photo when you find it even if you’re not logged into Pinterest at the time.

My boards are located at:

If you got to my blog because of an interest in spanking, you can go directly to my spanking board here:

I especially like Basia Rose’s board. She has beautiful things there. You can find her at:

I’m a writer and love the written word, but sometimes a picture is worth a thousand of them.



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4 Responses to Pinterest…the latest (and greatest) social media craze…

  1. Sadey Quinn says:

    BRILLIANT idea to make a board for your book, False Pretenses. Super smart. Actually, doing that could help out with WIPs, too, to be able to better describe characters and settings…



    • Cara Bristol says:

      Thank you Sadey. Yes, doing it for a WIP would be a good idea too. It would help crystallize thoughts. Then when the book is published, your board is already complete!

  2. Sophie says:

    Be very careful what you pin as they are quick, (ok, randomly quick) to slam down on anything that doesn’t fit their 13+ rating. It is very random but when it happens, it can be problematic. Make sure you have appropriate warnings etc on sexual content. It’s caused me a lot of problems.

  3. Basia Rose says:

    Ooh, thanks! I didn’t see this until just now!

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