Six Sentence Sunday: the naked shower dance

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday. I’m continuing with False Pretenses, an domestic discipline erotic romance recently released by Loose Id. It’s the second in the Rod and Cane Society series. (This particular book contains more erotic spankings than disciplinary ones).

If you were here last week, you know that Dan Tanner met Emma Dupree when he stopped to help her find her cat. He gets muddy, and she offers him the use of her bathroom. While he’s showering, she remembers the soap is low. She can’t let a hero who rescued her cat shower without soap, can she? One thing leads to another… (Dan’s POV).

She curved her lips in a smile of pure seduction and unzipped her jeans.

Her little grin faded into lip-biting frustration when her wet denim fought her efforts to shimmy out of it.

Dan chuckled.

“You could help me,” she groused.

“I was enjoying the dance,” he said but knelt and yanked her jeans to her ankles. She kicked the pants and her T-shirt to a corner of the shower.

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23 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday: the naked shower dance

  1. A very sexy six, and I’m sure what happens after is very hot. 🙂

  2. Elyzabeth says:

    Sexy and fun! A good lead up to what will certainly be hot shower play 😉

  3. Gem Sivad says:

    Well, alrighty then. We’re ready for more. *nods*

  4. Karla Doyle says:

    Wet denim is the worst the peel off. Lol.
    Great six, Cara. Very fun & sexy.

  5. Ugh wet denim. I hate that. Yummy, sexy six!

  6. Kerrianne Coombes says:

    Denim, it can be a real time suck–especially when wet!

  7. Yum. He’s muddy and she’s wet! I can’t wait to read this one.

  8. nomnomnom 😉 Hot six! Very nice.

  9. Dee Carney says:

    Heehee! Wet jeans suck!

  10. Sue says:

    Well he got the job done getting the jeans off, now I’m sure he’ll get the job done getting her off 😀

  11. S. J. Maylee says:

    Enjoying the dance 🙂 what a fun 6

  12. Sarah W says:

    I like the realism–no one is really sexy dealing with wet denim. But you’ve made it sexy and fun, too.

  13. Skye Warren says:

    Love the realism! Makes the sex hotter 😉

  14. Darn those wet jeans! But I’m guessing the interruption will be momentary – excellent excerpt!

  15. Siobhan Muir says:

    Oh, look! They’re being environmentally conscious. They’re showering with a friend. 😉 Fun six, Cara.

  16. I remember this scene fondly. 🙂 I loved the spontaneity of it and how things don’t go sexily smooth, but the realism makes it even hotter. Hot six.

  17. Wet jeans can be a real bitch to take off! Glad she had a little help. I must get this one!

  18. Kate Meader says:

    Soap shortage leading to sexy time? I need to try that one! Great six, Cara.

  19. LOL — I love that he was enjoying the dance, before he decided to help her. He knows how to make things fun. 🙂

  20. He’s soooooo helpful 😀

  21. Love that she had to struggle a bit, makes her more human and the scene more realistic 🙂 Sexy 6!

  22. Laura Kaye says:

    Love the playfulness!

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