An Interview with spanking fiction author Celeste Jones…

It’s always a pleasure to talk with other authors who write spanking fiction. Today I’m pleased to welcome Celeste Jones who has two new spanking books out!

Cara Bristol: In your “other” life, you’re a lawyer. How does an attorney come to write spanking fiction? Did what you see in your legal career influence you to incorporate spanking into your fiction?

Celeste Jones: Believe it or not, my mother is the one who got me interested in writing spanking fiction. One day over lunch, she said to me “Have you ever heard of spanking…you know…like in sex?” After I stopped choking on my salad, she explained that she’d been taking a writing class at a local university and met a woman about my age who wrote domestic discipline stories and my mom thought I should give it a try. I’d never heard of domestic discipline, but after chatting with the other writer and reading a few of her stories, I gave it a shot.

No, nothing in my legal career influenced me to incorporate spanking into my fiction.

Cara Bristol: Do all your stories have a legal setting? Do you see yourself continuing in that vein?

Celeste Jones: My first book, The Long Arm of the Law is fourteen short stories. Of those fourteen stories, only two or three have a legal aspect to them. My two latest books are both about women in the legal profession, though “The Body Guard,” which is part of Legal Briefs, is the only one where the lawyer aspect is a major component of the story.

People are interested in the law, especially criminal law (just check your TV listings for all the Law and Order variations) so there’s a temptation to continue to write legal stories. But, the stories are really about the characters and their relationships.

Plus, I don’t want to become a one trick pony.

Cara Bristol: Do people in your legal world know what you write or do you have a secret life?

Celeste Jones: No, they don’t know. I do my best to keep the two worlds separate.

Cara Bristol: Spanking is a hot topic that pushes people’s buttons. They either like it or they don’t. What do you think makes it hot, both positive and negative?

Celeste Jones: I think it’s a hot topic because it’s a low level sort of kink that anyone can participate in. You don’t need any special equipment, just a working hand or a drawer full of kitchen utensils. 🙂

The negative side, some people just aren’t any fun!

Cara Bristol: What’s your preference in fiction…domestic discipline or erotic spanking?

Celeste Jones: I prefer domestic discipline because I’m interested in the couple’s relationship.

Cara Bristol: Do you see a difference between spanking fiction and BDSM? What is it?

Celeste Jones: Yes, I do. For me, BDSM can contain elements of humiliation or degradation, and I’d never want to portray that in one of my stories.

Cara Bristol: Did you read spanking fiction before you started writing it?

Celeste Jones: Not really.

Cara Bristol: Tell us about your two new releases.

Celeste Jones: Twenty One Days to a Better Attitude is the story of Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Darcy Hughes. She has her life tightly under control, at least until Ben Dawson moves in next door. Ben’s attempts to be friendly are quickly rebuffed. He calls her out on her rude behavior and suggests that a good spanking will cure her bad attitude.

I like to think that it’s a cross between chick lit and domestic discipline because it has a bit of humor.

Legal Briefs: Over The Knee Justice includes two short stories about the same couple, Jimmy and Eileen. These two stories are primarily written from the husband’s point of view as he observes his wife’s attempts to impress others by stretching the truth.

Legal Briefs also includes a novella called The Body Guard which is about Kendra Johnson who  spends her days prosecuting criminals and her nights alone. All that changes when a body guard is assigned to protect her.

Detective Zach Stuart takes his job as a body guard seriously and when Kendra is less than cooperative, he imposes his own brand of discipline…over his knee.

Cara Bristol: Can you tell a bit about your first book, The Long Arm of the Law?

Celeste Jones: The Long Arm of the Law is a group of short stories that cover a variety of themes. It’s a great book for a quick read because each story is complete on its own. My favorite is Mirror, Mirror which deals with a woman’s reaction to her aging body.

Cara Bristol: Quick Five…

Your favorite childhood book? Anne of Green Gables

Your favorite dessert? Shortbread cookies.

Your favorite hobby? Knitting.

Your first job? Waitress.

A motivational quote? I thought this quote was from Goethe, but when I looked it up there appears to be some controversy about its origins. Regardless, I still like it.

Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness…[T]the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too…. Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now. 

An Excerpt from Twenty-One Days to a Better Attitude

“There is nothing wrong with my manners.” Darcy spat the words at him. “I should think that someone who barges in where he’s unwanted and then makes himself at home despite the obvious wish of his hostess that he should leave and who then,” Darcy pointed at the cashmere throw “ruins expensive items in the house, is the one who needs to learn some manners.”

The corners of Ben’s mouth twitched. “If my friendliness has offended you, then I apologize.” He turned to gather up the pizza.

“Friendliness? You’re just short of a stalker.”

Ben put the pizza box back on the coffee table and returned to face Darcy. She felt her heart pound as he stood close and studied her from top to bottom, taking in her baggy sweat pants with the yellow Cheetos dust. “I thought,” he said softly, his green eyes holding hers, “that you could use a friend.”

Was that pity? Darcy hated pity. She didn’t give it and she didn’t want it.

“I don’t need a friend. I don’t need your pizza. I don’t need your wine. And most of all, I don’t need you sticking your nose in my business. I can take care of myself and I don’t need anything from anybody.”

Darcy folded her arms across her chest and cocked her head to one side waiting for his response.

“Well,” Ben again ran his eyes over the length of Darcy’s body, “you may not need pizza or wine or friendship, but there’s one thing that you are just screaming for.”

“Oh please,” Darcy interrupted him. “Why is it that every man thinks that just because a woman disagrees with him she must need sex? Who the hell are you and what makes you think that I’d want to have sex with you in the first place? How do you know I don’t already have a boyfriend? I am so sick and tired of men thinking that just because I’m single I’m wanting it all the time.”

During all of this, Darcy had continued to hold the front door in her hand. Ben removed her grip from the door knob and closed the door with a decisive click. “I’m sorry to disappoint you.” He turned back to face her. “But, you need something much more important than sex. You need a good old fashioned spanking.”

Reflexively, Darcy’s hands went to her sweat pant covered behind. “W-what?”

“I’ve found,” Ben began to roll the sleeves of his shirt up while he talked, “that a woman who says she doesn’t need anything from anyone is usually someone who needs the most. She’s set herself up not to need anyone. Her finances are in order so she doesn’t need a man to help pay the bills, she’s probably even convinced herself that a vibrator is better than a relationship because a vibrator never leaves the toilet seat up.”

That was exactly what Darcy had said to her friend Rhonda just the other night. How could he know?

Twenty-One Days to a Better Attitude Buy Link

Legal Brief: Over the Knee Justice Buy Link

Long Arm of the Law Buy Link

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  1. Sue Lyndon says:

    “The negative side, some people just aren’t any fun!” – Haha that cracked me up! Great interview, ladies. I’m almost finished reading Legal Briefs and I’m enjoying it very much:)

  2. Minelle says:

    I love the fact that your MOTHER introduced you to ‘Spanking Fiction’ What a great relationship you must have. Maybe you can tell us more about the conversation you had with that author one day?
    Thanks Cara for the interview.

  3. Alta Hensley says:

    Some people just aren’t any fun…so true!

  4. Cara Bristol says:

    I knew you were working, Celeste. Glad you could make it by! And thanks for the entertaining interview. You should interview your mom. Bet it would interesting.

  5. Renee Rose says:

    Great interview Cara and Celeste!

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