Guilty Pleasures says False Pretenses ‘unlike anything I’ve read’…

The second Rod and Cane Society novel

My domestic discipline erotic romance False Pretenses received an awesome review by Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews and was recommended as a “True Gem.”

“False Pretenses by Cara Bristol is a delightfully wicked and entertaining addition to her Rod and Cane Society series. From beginning to end; I found myself charmed by the characters, immersed in the plot, and intrigued by the blossoming relationship between Emma Dupree and Dan Tanner….I thoroughly enjoyed False Pretenses mainly because of its two likeable and believable characters. I will reiterate again that this story and the one before it are unlike anything I’ve read before. They are captivating and stimulating and well worth reading!”

Complete Guilty Pleasures review

False Pretenses on Amazon

My erotic paranormal romance, A Scent of Longing, received a a great review by Confessions of Romaholics:

“This is a wonderful story; it has some charming characters and an amazing storyline. I truly enjoyed reading it and I totally recommend it. I give this book 5 couples.”

Complete Romaholic review

A Scent of Longing on Amazon

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4 Responses to Guilty Pleasures says False Pretenses ‘unlike anything I’ve read’…

  1. Renee Rose says:

    congratulations on two great well-deserved reviews, Cara!!

  2. Sue Lyndon says:

    Woo-hoo! Congrats on the great reviews;)

  3. Cara Bristol says:

    Thanks, ladies!

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