Karla Doyle has More Than Words to say about her new novel

I love Scrabble, but Karla Doyle knows how to make it sexy! She’s here today to talk about her new erotic romance,about an online Scrabble game that leads to More Than Words… I’ll let Karla tell you more about it.

Cara Bristol: Tell us about your current release, More than Words?

Karla Doyle: Hi Cara! Thanks for having me on your blog again. 🙂 My second novel, More Than Words, released August 17th from Ellora’s Cave. I’ve been referring to MTW as “the dirty Scrabble story” since I started writing it. (Partly because it’s an accurate description, partly because I’m terrible at coming up with titles.)

In MORE THAN WORDS, the heroine, Calli, has a paralyzing fear that makes real dating near-impossible. She joins an adults-only game site in hopes of finding some anonymous, flirty fun with a like-minded nerd. But that’s not what she gets. Although she doesn’t know it, the man on the opposite side of the virtual Scrabble board is, in fact, a tattooed guitar player with an up-and-coming rock band—a bad boy who’s grown sick of casual sex born of superficial attraction. And once Travis clicks with his secretive Scrabble vixen via words, he’s not willing to settle for anonymous online fun.

Cara Bristol: What is unique about your current release?

Karla Doyle

Karla Doyle: Meeting somebody online isn’t uncommon anymore. I think what makes this story different is the Scrabble aspect. I play a lot of online Scrabble, sometimes against random strangers, and though none of my games have ever been as exciting as Calli & Travis’ games, I’ve often wondered if people ever hook up after meeting this way. That’s where the idea for More Than Words came from.

Cara Bristol: Who is your favorite character in your current release and why?

Karla Doyle: Easy answer there—the hero! I admit, I took a lot of my favorite things about men and rolled them into Travis Graham. He’s just the right amount of tall with dark hair and eyes, the perfect amount of scruff, an athletic build and tons of sexy, dark tattoos. He’s smart and funny. Attentive. He plays guitar, writes songs, and for the right woman, he sings them too. He’s done a lot of less-than-admirable things in his life but decided he wants to be better. Plus he kicks butt at Scrabble. What’s not to love?

Cara Bristol: Is there anything especially significant about the title of your book?

Karla Doyle: As I said, I’m wretched with titles. I come up with the cheesiest stuff! My beta reader titled my first novel, Game Plan, and my husband came up with the title for More Than Words.

For this book, I wanted something that played on the Scrabble aspect. Also, how Travis and Calli connected via words, sight unseen. Additionally, I wanted to touch on Travis’ musician side, because it’s a huge part of him, and the story. When hubby suggested one of my favorite songs for the book’s title, it fit perfectly. Luckily, my fabulous editor agreed. 🙂

Cara Bristol: What did you do differently in writing your second book versus the first?

Karla Doyle: Oh, good question. I put more pressure on myself writing the second book. None of this, “I’ll finish it when I finish it” business. I set a deadline for completion and worked my butt off to meet it (with help from an awesome writing buddy and a nagging hubby and bff). I plotted more and pantsed less. Nothing too organized—that’s not me, lol. But with More Than Words, I had most of the major scenes planned early on, whereas with GAME PLAN, I really winged it. The only major scene I didn’t know in advance writing MTW was the ending.

Cara Bristol: How much of yourself do you put into your writing, and how much of it is pure fiction?

Karla Doyle: It’s easiest to write what you know, so I do tend to draw on personal experiences and knowledge in my stories. But nobody on earth would want to read about me (boring!), so I pick and choose the details I use. One of my favorite things to do is watch people and play the “what if” game in my head. I write a lot of my “what if” musings into my stories.

Cara Bristol: Quick five:

Your favorite childhood book?  Hmm. The book that really turned me into a reader was Are You There God, It’s Me, Margaret by Judy Blume. I think I was about twelve when I read it.

As a teenager, I fell in love with all of Robertson Davies’ books. And, The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be by Farley Mowat is an all-time favorite book I’ve read countless times through the years— it always makes me laugh out loud.

What you’re reading now: Right now I’m reading False Pretenses by the fabulous Cara Bristol. 🙂

Three random facts people don’t know about you: Three things that most people don’t know about me…I’m pretty boring, but here goes.

  1. Though I’m not shy at all (I’ll talk about absolutely anything), ask me to sing and I clam up. I can’t even sing Happy Birthday at family get-togethers. I move my lips but don’t make a peep.
  2. I love high heels but can’t walk in them.
  3. I’d rather play Scrabble in my pajamas than dress up and go to a party.

If you could trade place with any other author, it would be: There are many authors I could list here, for various reasons. (We’d all like to be E.L. James right now, wouldn’t we?) But in terms of an author whose writing career I admire and would love to achieve for myself, my immediate answer is Lauren Dane. I love her voice and her books. I respect her dedication and productivity. I also like the way she handles social media in terms of her fellow authors and her fans.

Thank you again, Cara, for having me for a visit today, and for all your support. I’m so happy that we connected on Twitter last year. 🙂

Now, giveaway time! I’m going to give one of your commenters a $6.00 gift card for Ellora’s Cave (yes, this is just the right amount to buy MORE THAN WORDS!), so I hope lots of people take a minute to say hello today.

An excerpt from MORE THAN WORDS:

“Ready to play?” he asked after she settled onto the couch across from him. The way she’d arranged her legs beneath her created a tunnel up the middle. With the short skirt riding up toward her hips, that opening afforded him the tiniest hint of pink. Panties that she’d had her hand inside not so long ago. It’s wet in my panties…her exact words. He forced his eyes up, following the line of buttons he very much wanted to rip off with his teeth so he could see the treasures contained in her polka-dot bra. By the time he got to her face, her cheeks were pretty pink.

Either she read minds or he’d left his mask at home.

She picked up the vinyl bag with the tiles and shook it. “Should we pull tiles to see who goes first?”

“Not necessary. I’m a firm believer in ladies first, for everything.” He wouldn’t have thought the color of her skin could go much deeper pink, but it did. Delicate fingers toyed with the buttons near her tits, the glossy dark-purple tips against the white taunting him, whether she intended it or not. “Nice nails.”

“They’re sort of extreme, I know. I’m not really a makeup kind of girl, but I love loud nail polish.”

“It suits you—the nail polish is sexy. As for makeup, you don’t need it.”

“You’re quite the flatterer.”

If she only knew how wrong she was. He’d been less than kind on more occasions than he’d like to count. “No, I’m just getting warmed up for our game. All truth from here out, Calli.”

She blinked rapidly while fiddling with the tiles on her rack. “I’ve never heard of Truth or Dare Scrabble. How do you play?”

Time for some quick thinking to back up his suggestion. Rules that’d help him get to know her…and get past those damn buttons. “Same as regular Scrabble, but after we each make a play, the person with the lower scoring word has to answer a truth or dare.”

“Dictionary or no?”

“If you need one, sure.”

She laughed, full out. More than the little giggle that’d escaped while they were in her store earlier. That had been cute. The low, mildly husky quality of her voice carried into this laugh, and it was anything but cute—it was make-your-cock-ache sexy.

“I don’t need a book to beat you.” Something that looked suspiciously like smugness slid across her face. “You aren’t one of those sore-loser types, are you?”

Whether they ended up naked or not, this was going to be fun.


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16 Responses to Karla Doyle has More Than Words to say about her new novel

  1. Basia Rose says:

    “I’ve often wondered if people ever hook up after meeting this way.”
    I know someone who met a man playing a different game online. She had this idea they’d fall into each other’s arms and be together forever, but their real-life meeting lasted about an hour.
    Sorry, that wasn’t really a romantic story!

  2. I’ve been so intrigued by this story ever since I read the first excerpt of it — and I loved GAME PLAN, so I know this is going to be awesome. Great interview too!

  3. Cara Bristol says:

    Maybe 15 years ago, I had a friend who met her husband in an AOL chat room. They got married after six weeks. She lived in Calif. He lived in Texas. She packed up and moved. To my knowledge, they’re still together.

  4. Becki Wyer says:

    I love scrabble and it would be amazing to meet someone like Travis this way. Thanks for the interview.

  5. What a great idea for a book. I can’t wait to read it. I’m sure it’ll be a Triple Word Score with all seven letters!

  6. Tina Christopher says:

    I’ve been looking forward to reading More Than Words since you mentioned the ‘dirty scrabble story’ on twitter;). I haven’t played scrabble in years and will definitely check it out online.

  7. Sophie says:

    Wonderful idea for a story Karla, and a terrific interview Cara. Am seriously considering a few rounds of dirty scrabble if I can ever get my kids to bed on time!

    • Karla Doyle says:

      Good luck with that, Sophie! My kids are the same. Doesn’t matter how long the day was or how tired they *should* be, they resist bedtime every single night. And people with newborns think it gets easier as children get older… 😉

      Thanks for stopping by & checking out the interview. Cara asks some great questions. 🙂

  8. j-Marie says:

    I recently ran into a girl at a book club who does online male chastity keyholding. (Guys all over the world lock themselves in chastity devices and send her the keys. She teases them online and chooses when to let them out. Sometimes she makes them wait for weeks or even months while they stew in their own juices.) It really reminded me of your Scrabble scenario, blending the excitement of online, remote exchanges with the tangibleness of something very, very real. I have to admit, the thought of being in charge of so many men over the internet in such an intimate way raises my sexual pulse.

  9. ClaudiaGC says:

    More than Words sounds like a great story! I love the idea of something seeming unreal (playing Scrabble online with people you can’t see) turning into something so real!

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