Some hints about ‘Rod and Cane 3,’ the next domestic discipline novel…

Rod and Cane Society 3...coming soon

About a week and half ago, I began writing the third Rod and Cane Society novel. If you’ve happened upon my blog for the first time, Rod and Cane is a series of domestic discipline erotic romances published by Loose Id about men who spank and the women who love them. The men belong to an organization that advocates spanking wives for discipline. The first book is Unexpected Consequences; the second is False Pretenses.

I do intend Rod and Cane to be a series, a la Shadowlands by Cherise Sinclair or the Breeds books by Lora Leigh. How many books will there be in Rod and Cane? I don’t know, but I have an idea for the fourth, and minor characters in the first two books are demanding equal time with their own story.

The first Rod and Cane Society novel

Each Rod and Cane book will be written as a stand alone, so that you can read them out of order. However, you can expect to see growth in the Rod and Cane organization, and minor characters from earlier books will make future appearances and/or become main characters. So if you do read them in order, you’ll see the progression of Rod and Cane.

Now… what I WON’T tell you about Rod and Cane No. 3 is the plot or the title. Both are “sooper sekrit” until the completed manuscript has been accepted for publication. The title would reveal too much of the plot. PLUS, I checked on Amazon, and at THIS time, it’s unique. No other books exist with the title I’ve selected.

The second Rod and Cane Society novel

Here are the tidbits about Rod and Cane 3 I will tell you:

  • The hero is the deputy chief of police.
  • Both the hero and heroine are completely new characters, but I do bring back some secondary characters from previous books. I won’t tell you what the heroine does jobwise because that would reveal some of the plot.
  • Both the hero and heroine are tall. He’s 6 foot 5, she’s five foot ten. Their height factors in the story.
  • The Bottoms Up bar, as well as its signature drink, “the Bottom Burner,”  introduced in False Pretenses makes a reprise in Rod and Cane 3. Bottoms Up is where Melania Traynor and Emma Dupree met for drinks. The hero and heroine enjoy a “pre-date” at Bottoms Up (you can’t see it, but I’m smiling evily).
  • You’ll get another spanking in the disciplinary chamber of the Rod and Cane mansion. (Another evil smile). And while we’re on the subject of spanking, at this stage (five chapters into it), I intend there to be more disciplinary spankings than purely erotic ones, although trust, me, Rod and Cane 3 will be erotic.
  • In False Pretenses, Emma Dupree exposed the Rod and Cane Society in her Sentinel column. In Rod and Cane 3, the society is adjusting to the exposure and moving toward more openness.
  • Melania’s friend Liz Davenport, the female attorney and spanked wife, of Unexpected Consequences comes back as secondary character in No. 3. She introduces the hero and heroine.
  • The last tidbit I’ll share is that I got the idea for Rod and Cane 3 after writing a couple of blogs about a particular subject. And if you do guess what it is, I’ll lie and deny until I’ m ready to reveal the title and plot.


I haven’t made an announcement until now, but about two weeks ago, I signed a contract for Destiny’s Chance with Loose Id. It’s an erotic paranormal. It will require quite a bit of rewriting. I have an agreement with Loose Id to write/submit the third Rod and Cane Society book before I revise Destiny’s Chance. I’m shooting to complete the first draft of Rod and Cane 3 by the end of August and revise/edit/submit by the end of September and then get to work on Destiny’s Chance.

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  1. Sue Lyndon says:

    The third Rod and Cane book sounds kinky…and now my wheels are turning as I think about your previous blog post topics 🙂 Hmm…

    Congrats on Destiny’s Chance!

  2. Wow…no wonder you said time was a luxury. You’re busy! Congratulations!

  3. Congrats on the sale of your erotic paranormal. I’ll definitely have to watch for it. I love the woo-woo!

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