Thursday Thirteen: Offenses that get you spanked

A smart mouth can result in a smarting bottom. Sassing is quick sure way to get a spanking, but many other infractions will work too! Recently I asked visitors to share offenses that could lead to a spanking. Here’s a summation of some of them:

  1. Dinging the car
  2. Lying about one’s whereabouts
  3. Rooting for the wrong ball team
  4. Not being properly appreciative of the cook’s cooking
  5. Forgetting to cook dinner
  6. Staying on the computer too long
  7. Rolling one’s eyes
  8. Moodiness
  9. Oversleeping
  10. Turning his underwear pink in the washer
  11. Getting a traffic ticket
  12. Letting the cell phone battery go dead
  13. Reading too much erotica and not getting one’s chores done

I’m shocked at how many women are so familiar with naughty behavior. LOL. If you want to read the original post and comments, it’s here.


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3 Responses to Thursday Thirteen: Offenses that get you spanked

  1. Sue Lyndon says:

    LOL I love it…especially #10.

  2. Sadey Quinn says:

    I love no 13.

    Great list!

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