Social media bookmarks….you might want to bookmark…

During some bookmark housecleaning the other day, I found some blogs about social media that provided a lot of good information (which is why I’d bookmarked them!) and thought I’d share:

A Social Media Checklist by Laura Kaye – this one is a comprehensive list of social media possibilities for authors looking to promote their work.

How to Succeed on Twitter by Molly Green – Good tips about Twitter protocol

How to Keep Your (Email) Inbox at Zero – I’m still wrestling with this. I’d better read this blog again.

Categories, Key, Word and Tags (on Amazon) – What they all mean, and why authors should care

What Do Amazon Sales Rankings Really Mean – Don’t know how accurate this is, but it’s the best info I’ve been ever able to find.

Kristen Lamb’s Blog – A good overall blog about social media and branding. She wrote We Are Not Alone: The Writer’s Guide to Social Media, which is a must read for any writer who wants a social media presence. The link is to the Kindle version, but it’s also available in print.

Just for a Laugh – This blog has nothing to do with social media, other than it’s a blog. But it’s a hysterically funny account of one woman’s third date with her future husband.

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2 Responses to Social media bookmarks….you might want to bookmark…

  1. Thanks Cara! I’m going to bookmark this post and read it later….sorry, couldn’t help myself. Great info and I will seriously take a look at all of your recommendations.

  2. Molly Greene says:

    Cara, thank you so much for linking to my Twitter post!

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