Do readers reject books about domestic discipline?

“Do you find people rejecting your books because they reject the premise of DD?” Author Anastasia Vitsky asked me.

Short answer: yes. Longer answer: But many buy them because of the premise of DD.

Of course there’s no way to know how many people run across my domestic discipline erotic romances, say, “ick” and move on. But I’ve received some reviews in which readers have objected to the concept of domestic discipline. Surprisingly though, I’ve gotten reviews from people who continue to read my books while continuing to “ding” the DD concept. So I must be offering something they like!

Many DD detractors can accept the spank and tickle of erotic spankings, but the idea that an adult woman would be physically punished gives them heartburn. They dislike what they perceive as the non consensual nature of DD.

But I’m okay with that. No one is going to like every kind of book, and I’m not going to try to talk someone into liking DD. But I would like to say this about my novels:

First, while some spanking fiction authors do write non consenting spanking stories, in my domestic discipline fiction the heroine always consents to the discipline (in

Intimate Submission and Secret Desires, my first two DD stories, are available in Spanked!

theory, anyway) prior to being spanked.  In the first Rod and Cane novel, Unexpected Consequences, Melania, the heroine agrees to domestic discipline because she doesn’t think that she’ll ever do anything that would warrant a spanking. (Silly, naive girl!).

Second, while I strive for realism, I write fantasy, entertainment. Some women fantasize about being dominated by a man and being spanked. So my heroines often don’t want to be disciplined. When Melania’s husband spanks her for the first time for disobedience and lying, she’s horrified.

Third, my books contain both erotic and disciplinary spankings. In False Pretenses, the second Rod and Cane Society novel, Emma Dupree agrees to a spanking as “research” for her exposé of Rod and Cane.

Finally, I believe that most of my readers buy my books because they want to read DD.  As my husband would say, “those are my people.”


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8 Responses to Do readers reject books about domestic discipline?

  1. Ana says:

    Nice post, Cara! I love exchanging ideas and perspectives with you.

  2. Good post Cara! I wonder if people who read your books but continue to ding DD are sort of like the people who cover their eyes during scary movies but then peek between their fingers? They don’t want to like it…but they just can’t help themselves!

  3. SassyJap says:

    I follow into one of “your people” category. I read both of your books because of the dd aspect. And the factt that you mixed erotic & disciplinary spanking into you stories. It’s hot. I loved both books and hope the series continues and you come back and continue the characters from the first two books. I loved them so much would love to read about them again. The funny thing is while I bought both books the cover on Unexpected Consequences I thought was hot hot hot! While False Pretense I loved the cover didn’t evoke the same reaction. I guess the paddle was a bit scary for me to see 😉 Looking forward to the third installment!

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Sassy Jap, you made my day! Thank you! It’s wonderful to “meet” a reader. I agree that the cover of False Pretenses is more explicit — although, I was more shocked by the cover of Unexpected Consequences when I received the mock-up from my publisher. I thought, “Well, I guess people will know what it’s about!”I got over it and I love both covers . I see Melania’s long hair in UC, and I love the hot pink color of False Pretenses!

  4. I like what Celeste says!!!! For the record, I’m one of ‘your’ people too! 🙂

  5. Renee Rose says:

    Oh I get this completely. I’m a spanko who writes DD and still sometimes has heartburn with it. It’s certainly a controversial topic. Honestly, I’m still unresolved personally, which doesn’t mean I judge anyone else.

    Spanking turns me on and reading about non-con spankings turn me on even more. Does that mean I think DD is cool? Not always. Not necessarily. It is a tough line to walk…

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