DD author Alta Hensley takes us back to yesterday…sort of

It’s my pleasure today to interview Alta Hensley who has come out with another spanking hot read…Of Yesterday.  (I know, I read the book). She does something a little different with the setting, but I’ll let her tell you about it. First, the blurb:

Trying to bring back the morals of yesterday, Jason Winters is determined to build a new society. Everything is going as planned until he meets the fiery, Taylor McKnight. Now, he questions if he is trying to build happiness…when what he really needs to do, is find happiness.

Taylor McKnight’s entire life is about to change with one single proposition. She is willing to take on the adventure, but is she willing to take on the man? The bigger question: could she fall in love with a man, while bent over his knee?

Cara Bristol: In Of Yesterday your hero Jason seeks to create a utopia patterned on life in the 1800s. What was the allure of that time period?

Alta Hensley: The simplicity. Not that life was easy in that time period, but it was more simple. No technology, no social media, no modern-day distractions. There was a purity to that time period that I wanted to tap into. Jason wanted to escape, so going back in time seemed like a way to do it.

Cara Bristol: Why did you create an 1800s community set in modern times instead of writing a historical set in the 1800s?

Alta Hensley: I would suck at writing a historical. 🙂  It’s something I would love to try someday, but you really have to be an A type personality to get all the details correct. I am NOT that person. I also really love writing Domestic Discipline Contemporary. There is something very special about combining old-fashioned beliefs/values of DD, with a modern setting.

Cara Bristol: In one scene, the barn catches fire and Taylor fears Jason is inside. She runs out to rescue him and the horses. Afterwards, Jason punishes her for risking her life. My gut reaction was that her intentions were good, and the punishment was unjust. What can you tell us about this scene?

Alta Hensley: I have been getting asked that question a lot. Many people seem to feel the same way. My editor was one of those people, too. I decided to keep it, as written, to keep it genuine. Reason being…sometimes in the DD lifestyle, spankings aren’t always fair. The “fair” issue comes up often in a real DD relationship. Her intentions were good, and she was a hero. But she put her life at risk, which was a big deal for Jason. I think his actions might have been flawed a bit, but that’s what makes it true.

Cara Bristol: From reading your books, I get the impression that you feel modern, feminist women have surrendered too much in the name of equality. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

Alta Hensley: I agree, but let me clarify by saying, I feel women are equal and should be treated with the same respect as men. BUT I think sometimes women have surrendered a softness or vulnerability that can be very enticing. Yes, women are tough and powerful, but they don’t need to lose all femininity to prove it. To truly submit to the one you love, takes a large amount of courage and strength. It also takes someone with high self esteem, because they are comfortable with who they are as an independent, confident woman. They don’t feel like they have to constantly compete. This lifestyle should always be consensual. The woman has the power to give the consent. She has the control to give up control. Just because she gets spanked, doesn’t mean she isn’t equal.

Cara Bristol: Given that Jason is head of household and spanks, I expected him to spank his sister. Yet he doesn’t. She’d suffered a trauma, I understand that, but the idea of disciplining her never seems to enter his mind? Why?

Alta Hensley: I think I kept it between Jason and Taylor because of the sexual feelings it stirred in both of them. The spankings were a little more on the erotic spanking side. Also, his sister had a very child-like persona, so spanking her seemed inappropriate to me. She was too innocent, I guess.

Cara Bristol: In addition to spanking, Of Yesterday includes ginger figging. Do you plan to include more of that in future books?

Alta Hensley: I think I may. 🙂 If you’ve read my books, there is no secret that I enjoy anal play as part of the story. Anal discipline is a kink I like to have present. *blush*

Cara Bristol: What is your favorite scene in Of Yesterday?

Alta Hensley: When Taylor sneaks out the window and then confronted by Jason. It’s the beginning of the submission. I always love the first spanking scene!

Cara Bristol: That was a good scene. A real uh-oh moment! What are you writing next?

Alta Hensley: I have a couple of projects because I’m so ADD. But I’m close to finishing one about a married couple, their struggles and their reconnection. I seem to be on a western kick lately.

Cara Bristol: Quick five…

Without looking, reach into your purse and pull out the three things. What do you have? Keys, phone, wallet. And that’s it! That is all I have in my purse. Sometimes I don’t even carry one.

Five famous people (dead or alive) you’d like to invite for dinner? Alta Hensley: None! Too much pressure. I’m a horrible host and not that good of a cook. 🙂

The one modern convenience you couldn’t live without? My laptop. I use it for all aspects of my day/job/writing. I would be lost without it.

The one modern convenience you could easily give up? Television. I used to be addicted, but decided to try to eliminate it to the best of my ability. I seem to be so much more productive now.

Salty or Sweet? Alta Hensley: Salty. I actually dislike chocolate. Surprising I know.

You can find Alta Hensley here:

Website: www.altahensley.blogspot.com

On Twitter: @AltaHensley

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12 Responses to DD author Alta Hensley takes us back to yesterday…sort of

  1. Great interview! I agree about Jason not spanking his sister. Alta, I love hearing from you about your work. Your reason for not writing a historical story made me laugh and agree. I, too, like the combination of old-fashioned values and a contemporary setting.

    P.S. Alta, how can you not like chocolate?

  2. Sue Lyndon says:

    Glad to hear you are working on another western book, Alta! Loved the interview and I look forward to more of your books:) It’s okay that you don’t like chocolate. I think I consume enough for the both of us:)

  3. SNP says:

    Great interview, Ladies. Enjoyed the book very much. I like the five questions at the end. It is fun to peak into the “real life” answers, too. But, enjoyed reading the thoughts on the book also.

  4. Renee Rose says:

    Not liking chocolate is a sin against humanity. Oh wait, no nevermind– there’s more for me. Sounds like a great book!

  5. Ty Langston says:

    Aww I love my girl Alta!!! Great interview Cara!!!!

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