Day 2 of Body Politics: Stephanie gets a ‘bottom burner’…

The third book in the Rod and Cane Society series. All books can be read as stand-alones.

Today is Day 2 of the release week of Body Politics, in which I pit a card-carrying feminist against a card-carrying member of the Rod and Cane Society, an organization of men who believe in spanking women to maintain discipline. Leave a comment and your email address, and you’ll enter to win a $5 Loose Id Gift Certificate. One winner will be selected each day. Comment each day — get four chances to win. Winners will be chosen at the end of the week, so you can go back and comment on previous days if you’re just tuning in now.

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Here’s Body Politics blurb:

Feminist Stephanie Gordon knows the instant she meets blind date Mark DeLuca it’s not going to work. Sure the deputy chief of police is criminally sexy, but he’s arrogant, domineering and sexist. Thank goodness after the evening ends, she’ll never have to see him again.

A member of the Rod and Cane Society, an organization of men who spank, Mark DeLuca is attracted to Stephanie like a paddle to a well-rounded ass. He sees beneath the shield of feminist militancy to the soft, sensitive woman she tries to hide. When she storms away in a snit, the chase is on. Can a Dom convince a diehard feminist her true strength lies in submission?

In yesterday’s excerpt, I started from the beginning of the novel. You can catch up here, but to recap, Mark and Stephanie have met at a bar called Bottom’s Up. It’s a blind date, a no-commitment, mid-week meet-and-greet.

Let’s continue with chapter one of Body Politics….

A waitress set a basket of popcorn and another of peanuts on the table. “What can I get you?” she asked Stephanie.

“I’ll have bourbon. On the rocks. A splash—and I mean a splash—of water,” she said.

“Got it.” The waitress glanced at Mark.

“Beer, please. The local microbrew on tap.” He met Stephanie’s eyes. “Would you like something to eat? Hot wings? Potato skins? Deep-fried onion?”

She gave a little shudder. “No, thank you.”

“Just the drinks, please.” He nodded at the server.

The waitress had taken a few steps, then turned to Stephanie with a hopeful expression. “Could I offer a suggestion? Our drink special is the Bottom Burner. It’s our most popular cocktail, and it comes now in a new signature keepsake glass. The drink has a nice little kick. If you try it and don’t like it, I’ll bring you the bourbon.”

“It doesn’t have an umbrella, does it?” Stephanie asked.


“Okay, I’ll give it a shot.”

“Great!” The waitress beamed and departed.

Mark raised his eyebrows. “You have something against umbrellas?”

“Not in the rain, but I don’t know why people assume all women are into frilly froufrou crap.” She mimicked that which she disparaged with a graceful twirl of her wrist.

“You’re not, I take it?”

“No. So how do you know Elizabeth Alexander?”

“Who?” He blinked. “Oh, Liz Davenport.” In her public life as a family law attorney, Otis’s wife used her maiden name. In private and around the Rod and Cane Society, she went by his surname. “Her husband and I belong to the same organization. Liz is an ancillary member as well.” Rod and Cane was a men’s club primarily, but members’ wives were strongly encouraged to join its Auxiliary. Liz had arranged the date between him and Stephanie.

Coerced it.

“She’ll challenge you. And you’re exactly what she needs. Get together for coffee or drinks. Don’t call it a date. Just a midweek meet and greet. If I’m wrong about the two of you—but I’m not—you can go your separate ways,” Liz had said after cornering him at the mansion headquarters.

He’d appealed to Otis for help, but the older man had only shrugged. “Sometimes it’s best not to fight.” Affection in his gaze, Otis had glanced at his wife. “Unfortunately matchmaking is not a spankable offense.”

Unfortunately. Some matchmakers deserved to be spanked for their woeful lack of attention to compatibility. In truth, most of the women well-meaning friends had fixed him up with had been nice enough, but he’d experienced no deep connection or even real chemistry. Since his friends were not in the domestic discipline lifestyle, no thought had been given to fulfilling his real requirement: a partner who was amenable to being spanked. But Liz herself was a spanked wife and had a reputation for reading people. And forty loomed on the horizon, reminding him that time was running out to find that special someone, a woman who would love him for better and for worse, a woman who got him, who would stand at his side as his true partner. So he agreed to the blind date, doubtful yet hopeful that this time he would meet the one. “How do you know Liz?” he asked Stephanie.

“She’s a board member of WAN.”


“Women Act Now. It’s a women’s support organization I founded and direct.”

He nodded. “Liz told me you ran a feminist nonprofit.”

“What else did she tell you about me?”

Liz had described her as a lioness in need of a mate, but he suspected Stephanie would not appreciate the comparison. He shrugged. “The basics. She said you were thirty-five. Divorced two years. No kids.”

“Those stats were enough to convince you?” Genuine amusement curled her lips into a beautiful smile, and her eyes sparkled, transforming her from lovely to knockout.

Conversation at a nearby table ceased as the three men seated there noticed also. His hackles rose. Fuck off. She’s mine.The reflexive surge of possessiveness surprised him. Never had he had such a strong reaction to a woman. Yet never had he met one who’d instantly and so intensely attracted him the way Stephanie did. Not even Ronnie. Especially not Ronnie.

♥ ♥ ♥

But what does Stephanie know about Mark? Join me tomorrow to find out. In the meantime, leave me a comment and your email and enter to win a $5 Loose Id gift certificate.

Body Politics contains feminist indignation, old-fashioned courtship, hot sex and plenty of spanking! It’s the third book in the Rod and Cane series, but it can be read as a stand alone.

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19 Responses to Day 2 of Body Politics: Stephanie gets a ‘bottom burner’…

  1. I liked this part. Is there actually a drink called Bottom Burner, or did you create it?

    You must be flying high still. 🙂

    • Cara Bristol says:

      I actually created it. The Bottom Burner cocktail made its debut in False Pretenses, the 2nd Rod and Cane book. At first I researched different cocktails to find one that sounded like it was related to spanking, but couldn’t find one. My husband suggested I just make one up. (Duh! I’m an author – that’s what I do — make stuff up). So I did. At some point, I plan to have a “recipe” contest where readers can submit their suggestions for what is in a Bottom Burner cocktail (I have some criteria).

  2. SH says:

    I am so excited to read this book! I bought it yesterday from LooseId, never bought from them before so I was pleasantly surprised at the ease. Now, I am off to start reading….

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Glad to hear the process went well. Loose Id revamped its website in 2012, it’s brighter, more functional. A new feature is that readers can now post reviews on Loose Id.

  3. Sue Lyndon says:

    Ohh the drink contest sounds fun. LOL. Congrats on the new release. I started reading last night and can’t wait to get back to it! 🙂

  4. latisha depoortere says:

    I love it Thanks for sharing more sounds so good! I love the Bottom Burner cocktail I do remember that from book 2! I loved The other Rod and Cane Society books look forward to reading this one soon!
    Latisha D

  5. Mrs. Reckless says:

    Oooh, a cocktail recipe contest! (Actually…how about a recipe book for the bar? )

    Can’t wait to read more!

    Mrs Reckless

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Speaking of recipes….there’s a part in the book where Mark cooks for Stephanie and makes crab cakes for her. On January 30, I’ll be on I think I’m going to feature the recipe that he made for her (it’s remarkably similar to my own recipe!).

  6. Trillium says:

    I’m intrigued by the premise…sounds so…familiar!

  7. Jade Cary says:

    I have the perfect recipe. We call it something else over here, but it’s perfect as a Bottom Burner I think.

  8. Thianna D says:

    Absolutely loved the line “Unfortunately matchmaking is not a spankable offense.” Dang, Liz missed out. LOL

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Actually….*sly look*….for the Love Spanks blog hop Feb. 9-10, my free short story will deal with matchmaking as a spankable offense…

  9. houston_switch says:

    There was or still is a bar in Dallas Texas called Spanky… I heard or read that it is a good place to hook up with spanko folks… maybe they have a favorite drink.
    I’ll make some inquiries and report back.
    houston_switch (at) yahoo (dot) com.

  10. Blondie says:

    Being raised by a feminist, I can’t wait to read this book.

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