Do you read Spanking Fiction? Here’s some sources for you!

One thing I quickly learned once I started writing “spanking romances” is that many people don’t “get it.” They don’t understand domestic discipline as a genre of fiction. A man spanks a woman? But…but…that’s not right! Some contemporary erotic romance readers and reviewers find it extreme. Some BDSM readers and reviewers find it too tame.

Although there is crossover with BDSM, domestic discipline is its own subgenre of erotic romance and deserves to be judged on its own merit and not compared to other genres. Would you criticize a sci or paranormal novel for not being “real?” Or a historical novel for being “old?”

People have been reading and writing spanking fiction for a long time, but the visibility of the subgenre has been low. When I first started writing DD romances, I looked for reviewers and groups that focused on the subgenre, but couldn’t find any. I’m happy to say that the situation is turning around.

Here’s a list of spanking fiction resources:

Discussion groups:

Spanking Fiction  on Facebook – The first Facebook group for readers and writers who love to read spanking books and want to talk about the genre. To join, you must have a FB account and request membership.

Spank that Romance on Goodreads – A Goodreads group for fans of spanking romance and erotica. You must be a GR member to join.

Spanking Book Club – Each month Celeste Jones features a new book. General questions to start the discussion are posted every Friday, but anyone can join the discussion at any time. (My book Body Politics is the selection for January. February’s book will be an F/F spanking novel, Desire in Any Language by Anastasia Vitsky). The link is to Celeste’s blog, there isn’t a direct link to the book club, but scroll down on her site or check her sidebar and you’ll find the book club.

Book Review sites:

Bottoms Up Book Reviews -Bottoms Up is the first, and until recently, the only book review site that only reviews spanking fiction. A wonderful resource of book reviews by a reviewer who “gets it.”

Spanking Romance – A brand new spanking fiction review site. Only a few books have been reviewed thus far, and the site is in need of reviewers. Watch for great things.

Blog Hops

Love Spanks, Feb. 9 -10. The authors on the hop will feature free short spanking stories, and there will be drawings galore, including a grand prize of Kindle Fire or Nook (donated by Blushing Books) plus many, many more prizes and giveaways. Odds of winning a prize are excellent. The hop is closed to additional author participation.

Those are the resources I’m aware of. If you know any others are specifically devoted to spanking fiction, please share them.

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9 Responses to Do you read Spanking Fiction? Here’s some sources for you!

  1. Cara, you know what my response is to the third sentence of your introductory paragraph, right? 😉

    Another nice resource is The Library of Spanking Fiction. It focuses mostly on unpublished stories, but Februs is a great supporter of spanking fiction of all kinds.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Yes, that’s a good one. I should have mentioned that. The Well Red Weekly is like a spanking journal! Thanks for adding it.

      And your response to the third sentence is…women can spank women too! (And men can spank men). I am sharing the response that I get.

  2. Great list Cara and a wonderful idea. Thanks for including the Spanking Story Book Club. I think you’ve done more to promote it than I have….better get on that!

  3. Patricia Green says:

    These are great resources. Thanks for sharing them. Most are familiar to me, but I need to be reminded to use them more often.

  4. tim bowie says:

    Thanks for this – fascinating stuff! My favourite fiction is girl/girl in an adult school setting. One of the best for this is ‘Day Release School’, available on Amazon and Kindle, by….well, me actually! I’d love to hear any feedback from discerning fans! Thanks.

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