Favorite Lines: From The Adventures of Polly

Favorite Lines is an intermittent series in which I quote favorite passages from books I’m reading. This selection comes from The Adventures of Polly, by Lucy Appleby, about a young graduate who signs up to work on a cruise ship for the summer, unaware of exactly what she has contractually agreed to…

“Bend over the desk, Polly,” ordered Miss Pringle.


“Bend over the desk to receive your punishment.”

“I will not! You mad old trout.” Polly was enraged, she clenched her fists and stamped her feet.

I’m only about 20 percent done with The Adventures of Polly, but it’s an amusing tongue-in-cheek read with a spunky heroine. ¬†For more Favorite Lines, click on the tag or check the category pull down menu in the sidebar for favorite lines.

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