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Perfect Match

By Cara Bristol

“Give him a chance,” Liz Davenport told her friend Stephanie and hung up the phone. She grinned.  Perhaps she’d missed her calling. Instead of becoming an attorney, she should have been a professional matchmaker. Stephanie and Mark were perfect for one another. Their date had gotten off to a bumpy start, but love would prevail. Like it had with her and Otis.

She smiled at her husband and found him peering over his bifocals, his business magazine resting on his lap. “Give who a chance?” he asked. Even after twenty-five years of marriage, he was still the most handsome man she knew. The silver wings dusting his dark hair only added to the aura of authority he carried.

“Mark DeLuca. I fixed up my friend Stephanie Gordon with Mark.”

“You didn’t.”

“I did.”

“You’re talking about your feminist friend, the administrator of Women Act Now? Who denounced the Rod and Cane Society at a public forum?”

“Stephanie thinks she wants a wants sensitive, liberated male, but she’d have him for lunch. She needs a man who’s her equal in every way, maybe even stronger.”

“What did you tell her about Mark?” Otis folded his magazine, and set it on the table beside the leather sofa upon which he was sitting.

“All the basics.” Liz waved her hand. “That he’s thirty-nine, divorced. Brown and eyes. Never had kids but would like some. That he’s in law enforcement.”

Otis raised his eyebrows. “And?” he asked as if there should be more.

What else was there? “That’s it.”

“Did you happen to mention that Mark wants a domestic discipline relationship?” His quiet tone raised a flutter of alarm in the pit of her stomach.

She shook her head. “Of course not. I’d never violate the Rod and Cane confidentiality agreement.”

Certainly not after what happened to the newspaper columnist when she’d joined the Wives Auxiliary under false pretenses and exposed the members as practitioners of domestic discipline.

“I didn’t mean did you reveal his membership in the society, but rather, did you warn your feminist friend that her date might at some point expect to discipline her with a spanking?”

Liz squirmed. Her wingback chair suddenly felt like the hot seat underneath her bottom. She could stare down the most ruthless opposing attorney, but a raised eyebrow, a quiet question from her husband wiped away her composure.

“No.” The fluttering in her stomach turned to tumbling. Would her actions result in unexpected consequences?

“When you cornered Mark at the Rod and Cane mansion and convinced him to agree to a fix-up, I had no idea your friend Stephanie was the intended date.”

“They’re perfect for each other.”

“You weren’t honest with her, or with Mark. You were wrong.” Otis sighed. “I was wrong too.”

A man of restraint and thoughtfulness, Otis rarely erred. “About what?” she asked.

“I had—jokingly—told Mark that matchmaking is not a spankable offense. It turns out it is.” He patted his lap.

Liz toyed with the charm bracelet encircling her wrist that Otis had given her for their last anniversary. Each amulet represented something meaningful to their lives. She touched the tiny gold paddle. Especially that one.

“Can’t we wait to see how their date turns out?” She issued one last plea, but obediently rose to her feet and moved to the sofa. The wood burning in the den fireplace popped with a crack not unlike a palm smacking a bare bottom.

“Ends don’t justify the means, Lizzie.”

Liz unzipped her slacks and pulled them down along with her panties. She nestled into position across his knees. Months had passed since Otis had felt the need to discipline her. They had a good marriage; she hated that she’d disappointed him. “I’m sorry,” she said.

“I know you are. And you know I love you.”

She knew. Believed with her whole heart that she was the center of Otis’s. But as she’d learned in her law career and in her marriage, remorse often wasn’t enough. One had to pay for one’s mistakes.

Otis landed a hard smack in the middle of her left cheek. Her flesh wiggled under the impact. Stung like the beejezus. Seemed impossible considering how many spankings she’d had over the years, but she’d forgotten how much they hurt. At least Otis wasn’t using the paddle.

Her husband planted a hard smack to her right cheek. She might have forgotten the pain, but he hadn’t forgotten how to spank.

Otis spanked like the kind of man he was: serious, disciplined, and measured. He had a metronome-like style allowing her to predict exactly when the strike would occur. To brace for it. To dread it.

Left smack. Right smack. Left smack.

As the pain increased with subsequent spanks, she bucked on his lap, restraining herself from covering her stinging bottom only from years of practice.

And finally, he delivered two staccato slaps to the sit spot on each buttock. His signal that her punishment had ended.

She held her breath, waiting for his next move.

He settled his hands on her cheeks and he massaged the sting he’d created. Liz eased out a sigh of relief. He wasn’t too furious with her. When she really messed up, Otis forbade her from touching her tender bottom to ease the ache. When he rubbed it himself, it demonstrated he considered her infraction to be relatively minor. She enjoyed this part of domestic discipline: having Otis stroke her bottom lovingly.

“We don’t need to discuss this anymore,” he said. That was another thing she liked, having her debt fully paid. She and her husband didn’t rehash old issues. “I won’t forbid you to fix up any more people, but you need to be more open in your matchmaking.”

“I will.” Otis was right; she shouldn’t have withheld key information from Stephanie, but she was right too. Mark and Stephanie were suited for each other as time would prove.

Against her hip Otis’ cock swelled. He gently kneaded one cheek. “You always did have a nice ass,” he mused. “It’s just as shapely as it was when I married you twenty-five years ago.”

That wasn’t quite true, but she appreciated him saying so because she knew he believed it. He was her man. Her perfect match.

“Should we take this into the bedroom?” he asked.

Liz rolled onto her hip and peered up him.  “Let’s do it.”


♥ In Perfect Match, Liz is spanked for not being honest in her match-making. What offenses would you consider to be “spankable” in a domestic discipline relationship? ♥


The blind date and resulting relationship between Liz’s friend Stephanie and Mark is told in Body Politics, published by Loose Id in January:

Feminist Stephanie Gordon knows the instant she meets blind date Mark DeLuca it’s going to be a wasted evening. Sure the deputy chief of police is criminally sexy, but he’s arrogant, domineering and sexist. Thank goodness after the date ends, she’ll never have to see him again. A member of the Rod and Cane Society, an organization of men who discipline their women by spanking, Mark DeLuca is attracted to Stephanie like a paddle to a well-rounded ass. He sees beneath the shield of feminist militancy to the soft, sensitive woman she tries to hide. When she storms away in a snit, the chase is on. Can a man who spanks convince a diehard feminist her true strength lies in submission?

Body Politics on Amazon  ♥ Amazon UK ♥ Barnes and Noble

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59 Responses to #LoveSpanks…spanking stories & prizes A Perfect Match

  1. His First Mate says:

    A whole list? LOL Let’s just put it this way. I HAVE been spanked for matchmaking!!! 🙂

  2. Happy Love Spanks, Cara! I think getting time zones mixed up is a spankable offense. 🙂

    A spankable offense is something that both parties have agreed is detrimental to one or both of them, and both are committed to changing it.

    • Hold please! I must defend those with time zone issues. I’m one who always mixes up time zones. In my defense, I’m usual early then you all aren’t there yet (yep, you all), and when you are there, I’m late!

      Hope that helps some of you out…

  3. Jade Cary says:

    Lying and being careless with safety. The ‘ol man gets testy with sass. MY sass. I sass a lot. 🙂

  4. TL says:

    Dishonesty is definitely a spankable offense. I think anything that puts your relationship in jeopardy qualifies.

  5. Pooky says:

    Wow, so many things could fit here, and it can be different for each couple. For me the biggest most often spanked offense is disrespect- ugg.

    Eyerolling, finger flipping? talking back, you got it.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      As you know, Otis and Liz first appeared in Unexpected Consequences, the first Rod and Cane Society novel. I chose the name Otis because to me, it denoted an older man. It’s a May December relationship. I chose the name BEFORE I realized I was writing a series. The things you learn…

  6. Sassy Chassy says:

    That was a very satisfying read. I always wondered if she answered for her less that upfront matchmaking that led to so much trouble. I really enjoyed this. I also think that almost anything can be a spankable offense if both parties have agreed that it’s appropriate. In my marriage losing my temper is my most spankable offense as is not taking care of myself.

  7. kelly adams says:

    In a loving domestic discipline relationship I would think mainly core values would set the standard for spankings. These may include lying, manipulation, foul language, shirking responsibility, and matchmaking but withholding needed information would definately be on that list. Thanks for excerpt!

  8. Cat says:

    Any of the 4 D’s but the one that got me in the most trouble was my lead foot (safety ya know)…oh and getting caught rolling my eyes and claiming I was praying for patience…yea…disrespect and lying. LOL

  9. tmch54 says:

    Not being open with your other half keeping secrets.

  10. Great story Cara. It was great reading the other side of the story so to speak. As for the question, I’d have to say eye rolling and lying would be two and perhaps covering for kids when they’re in trouble. Not that I would ever do that 🙂

  11. joe gallo says:


    I would spank someone for being rude to someone or not being honest.

    I would also spank if my spouse was stressed; spanking is a terrific way to help someone relax.

    I have read Body Politics and enjoyed the story very much.


  12. Chuenn says:

    I would say the general offenses would be lying, failure to perform responsibilities, and having a potty mouth & being disrespectful.

    I’m a quite defiant and sassy so my bottom gets reddened regularly but I guess when the submissive is already a good girl at heart, some minor offenses should be spankable as well, otherwise she’ll rarely get spanked. Regular spankings holds the intimacy in the relationship 🙂

  13. I loved the excerpt! I can’t wait to buy the new book.
    WHICH will very likely put me on the receiving end of some well meaning “paddle meet bottom” time. I tend to spend money frivolously. I don’t do it maliciously. I just forget that the little piece of plastic really does have limits. Thankfully, my husband is learning to be consistent. 🙂

  14. Nikki Hayse says:

    For me, texting while driving-well any safety issue. Drinking too much, disrespect, sneaking out. I could go on and on. lol

  15. Sue Lyndon says:

    Loved the story!

    I can’t think of any spankable offenses to add that haven’t already been covered here…but I think disrespect and dishonesty should be at the top of the list.

  16. Great read and to think we have a glimpse of R&C #4 perhaps… I guess spank-able offenses could run the gamut in many situations, but the one confirming fact for me is honesty. Without it, the whole relationship is at odds and perhaps threatened on occasion… “VIP”

  17. Happy Love Spanks! 😀

    I love how the other titles are woven in there, very clever!

    A spankable offense would be speaking disrespectfully and/or cursing directly at.

    Hope you are having fun!

  18. Alta Hensley says:

    I think everyone already mentioned all the offenses. I know when I’m looking for a reason for a scene in my writing, I’m always stumped. I struggle with a reason why. Now I have tons of reasons for my poor character. Spankings galore! Great story, Cara.

  19. I loved the excerpt, Cara. OK, spankable offenses: lying (that’s a big one, you have to be able to trust someone completely), general bad behavior, being unsafe…I think they’re all listed, but I do like the comment about a spanking to relieve stress. Is that where maintenance spankings come in handy?

    I’m off to hit the rest, too many good posts to read!

  20. Sunny Girl says:

    I loved this book. I’m just a spanko not in a dd but from what I’ve read, those 4 D’s sure get a lot of play.

  21. houston_switch says:

    The 4 Ds take center stage. After those items, any other circumstances that is within the contract/agreement agreed to by both adults.
    houston_switch (at)yahoo (dot)com

  22. CE Munro says:

    Great story, Cara!
    Spankable offenses: lying, bratty behaviour, ignoring one’s safety….of course, I don’t need reason for an erotic spanking!

  23. Fun story, Cara. I can’t wait to read more about Liz.

    How about too much time on the computer as a spankable offense? 😉

  24. Kelsey Summer (VIP) says:

    Dishonesty, being unsafe, disrespect, not completing chores – the list goes on and on. I love your books, Cara!

  25. Zoe says:

    Any of the 4Ds are important but disrespect is probably the most important around here.

  26. I like most of the answers already provided. I think for me it would be breach of trust. This would be through, lying, hiding something, half truths, saying that something would be done and then not doing it and willful disobedience. If it was already agreed that one wouldn’t spend time masturbating for instance, and yet the person masturbates w/o permission. Punishment it will be. However, I wouldn’t limit it to spanking. I have a bit more devious of a mind. Good thing I’m more sub than Domme.

  27. Spankable offences are many, but I think the worst ones are also grounds for the ending of a relationship: lying, cheating, disloyalty.

  28. Blondie says:

    Cara, I love your stories. Not telling the truth is always an offense that would get a spanking. Not much of an issue in our house. I don’t have any secrets but if I did what Liz had done with the matchmaking, that would be a spanking. Anything dishonest, disobedient, dangerous, those kind of things are spankable. In this story, I love the way that Liz knows what Otis means, with the last two spankings or the rubbing of her bottom and that he doesn’t have to spell things out to her. They know their roles, she knows he means what he says and they are good.

  29. Gabrielle says:

    Thanks for being a part of the hop and sharing this story. I would think lying and doing things that are dangerous would be offenses that are worth a spanking.

  30. PastryTwatter says:

    This reminded me I am so far behind on my reading. I loved the excerpt and have it sitting on my kindle need to read the first 2 Rod & Cane Society Books I couldn’t stop reading once I started.

    In terms of spankable of fences think most of its covered but take away bratting or sass for me it would be nonstop. Probably issues of saftey oh and the dreaded overspending.


  31. Starla Kaye says:

    I think the spankable offenses have been covered already. I’d have to say the most common ones for my heroines tend to be brattiness, disrespect, endangering themselves, lying, and in foreplay.

  32. Karri in SF says:

    I’ve never had a domestic discipline relationship, so this one is hard for me to answer. Usually, if I want to be spanked I just say so. Or if my husband wants to spank me, he comes up behind me, squeezes me and says “Let me see that beautiful bottom.”

  33. Kenzy says:

    A spankable offense in a discipline relationship would be anything that the two participants have agreed is naughty enough – whether explicitly, subtly, or through trial and error.

  34. Renee Rose says:

    spankable offense? I was once spanked for running out of laundry soap. Is that a good one?

  35. pao says:

    I think anything that’s agreed upon by parties within the dynamic can be a spankable offense. But dishonesty is a big one for me.

  36. Dana H says:

    Ooh, lots of reasons could apply. But definitely dishonesty would be a biggie. Twenty-plus years ago, my first spanking ever by hubby was an incident where I had put my personal safety in danger.

  37. SH says:

    Loved this little story, I would love to read more about Liz and Otis, I thought they were great characters 🙂 All kinds of things can get a girl in trouble….disrespect, spending too much, personal safety issues…and the list goes on lol

    ~Sammie, VIP

  38. “Object to the ‘leading question’,” says the vanilla attorney.
    “Overruled,” says the kinky judge. “You may answer.”
    “Just two reasons suffice,” says the witness, 1950s Wife. “As my Hubby says, husband spanks for his pleasure and wife’s benefit.”
    Verdict for Cara Bristol’s “Body Politics” as a totally awesome book!

  39. Kat says:

    Lying, bratty behavoir, anything that puts myself or the kids in danger. Then just for fun spankings.

  40. Mer says:

    Dishonesty, carelessness, and rudeness. I think most bad behavior could fit under those.


  41. Thomas_III says:

    Well, in all honesty, any offense could potentially be spankable, depending on how the individual relationship is set up. For my own, lying and deception certainly tops the list, and I can’t imagine a situation where these two things wouldn’t be spankable. I also tend to be particular about any kind of controlled substance,legal or otherwise (drugs, of course, but also cigarettes and alcohol). Other than that, I really don’t set up too many “rules” per se, as things are handled on a case by case basis.

  42. Rogue says:

    I believe all the bases have been covered here. I did request one “whimsy” rule. We each have our own sink in the bathroom, yet for some reason, he likes to trim his mustache over my sink…and doesn’t always clean up the tiny pieces. Drives me bonkers! That’s now a spankable offense. 🙂

  43. susan platt says:

    I think lying, disrespect, and actions that could cause harm to self or others are the top three.

    susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

  44. Paloma Beck says:

    Things have the potential to hurt someone (self or others) are spankable offenses.

    Loved the story with Liz and Otis. I’ve enjoyed meeting them in the books. so it was nice to see them in private.

  45. Cole says:

    Hmmmm. Spankable offenses? Too many! Disrespect, dishonesty, disobedience…texting while driving, reading texts while driving, checking email,while driving, checking google calendar while driving….sensing a pattern? 😉 apparently I am a rule pusher….;) great story! (And the book was awesome! I eagerly awaited its release and was not disappointed! Thanks!)

  46. minele says:

    Loved the story from this perspective too!
    Well I am always told I’m a cheeky bugger! So I guess that. lol
    Ana may talk to my Scotsman but for now….

  47. Polly says:

    I would say doing something unsafe that would put you or someone else in danger, Being disrespectful of others and thier property. There may be other things if I was to take more time to think about this question.

  48. I love stinging bottoms.


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