No more cold writer hands!

I tend to have cold hands anyway, but spending hours using a computer, particularly a mouse, and my hands get icy. Sometimes I have to stop writing and go warm up my hands. I finally decided to get a pair of fingerless gloves.

I’ve worn them several days so far, and they work! They keep my hands much warmer, and often, even toasty. The ones I bought are wool, but fairly thin, so there’s little loss of flexibility.

There’s a bunch of them on Amazon, where I got mine. I was going to include a link, but the ones I bought are sold out. Run a search for “Women’s (or Men’s) Fingerless Gloves” and you’ll see a bunch. Read the reviews before you buy, because you’ll get details about sizing and quality. The glove I bought, for instance, tend to run small. They’re perfect for me, because I have small hands, but wouldn’t work for many people.


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  1. My hubs bought me a pair of Wristies for Christmas and I LOVE THEM. They’re fleece and come right to the top of the palm. So nice…

  2. I’m way ahead of you! Fingerless gloves are God’s gift to writers.

    I’ve been building my collection fingerless for about four years now, and have about ten pairs. BUT my favorites are these ones I got from Target (of all places) because they’re made of a really neat, warm, yet thin material–not wool, so my palms hands sweat less… and they don’t snag. And they’re extremely machine washable.

    That being said, I have favorite artisans I like to oggle at from and that are sooo cute. People have to start catching onto the fashion–I even got some man ones from my husband this year, and he loves them. 🙂

  3. Very cool Cara. Great idea. I’d hate for anything to slow you down!

  4. Have to get “Genuine Leather Fingerless” Gloves to write out the spanking scenes, that way the gloves in question can serve two purposes….. And they make such an intoxicating noise as you spank with them….

  5. This is brilliant! I am torn between buying some or knitting some. My DH tells me he saw some recently. Going to invest. I’m so close to finishing book (spanking fiction of course) and my hands are PURPLE.


  6. Louisa Bacio says:

    Love my fingerless gloves! Glad you’ve come to the warm side.

  7. Pleased to report I now have my gloves! Thank you again.
    PS DH adds “flaming pink”.

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