Emma’s hot story leads to a hot bottom…an excerpt from False Pretenses

When aspiring journalist Emma Dupree went undercover at a secret spanking society she had no idea her hot story would lead to a hot bottom…

Emma recognized the moment his caress was going to become a serious smack. Perhaps it was a sudden tension in his body, the lift and pause of his stroking hand, a crackle in the aura of intimacy.

Prescience didn’t mitigate impact. When the spank came, falling sharply on her panty-clad behind, it stung mightily, and she yelped. A split second later, he burned her other cheek. She pressed her lips together to stifle a cry, not so much at the sharp pain, but at the knowledge that everything had changed. The spanking chiseled away at her core beliefs, and she clung in vain to the sofa, trying to hang on to the Emma she’d always been. Her outer shell shattered into bits and flew away, uncovering what had been hidden deep inside. Two smacks shouldn’t have been enough to tell her if she liked being spanked—except it did. She loved it.

“Perhaps the next time”—he smacked her hard—“you’ll think twice about”—crack—“leaving the door open”—another spank—“so Jinx can get out.”

Emma hadn’t expected a scolding with the spanking, but it enhanced the experience somehow, like talking dirty during sex.

She wiggled on Dan’s lap, but he clamped his arm across her back and yanked down her panties. Her breath hitched in her throat. She’d never felt so vulnerable, so…connected? How was that possible? Her pussy throbbed along with her ass.

Cool air grazed her naked skin, but then Dan slapped her cheek, and the temperature soared. She had no protection from his stinging hand, no defense against her rioting emotions. She wanted to hate it, to loathe every painful second, but…she didn’t.

Each spank seared the point of contact before morphing into ripples of confusing yearning. Pain…pleasure. Pain…pleasure. Twin sensations danced within her in a baffling tango.

She dreaded every punitive kiss, kicking and writhing to escape.

She craved each one, lifting her hips to meet every smack.

Deftly, without interrupting the pace, Dan employed the paddle brush, the wide head spreading the sensation over a larger area. He spanked her with a steady rhythm, until flames engulfed her from the top of her buttocks to her upper thighs.

Despite the pain—or maybe because of it—her pussy flooded with moisture, drenched her inner thighs and probably Dan’s slacks. She bit her lip and fisted her hands into the sofa fabric to keep from humping Dan’s lap.

Emma couldn’t deny the truth anymore—being spanked turned her on. Big time.

“Oh God, Dan. Please. Please,” she cried and lifted her hips for another spank and then recoiled when she received it.

“Yes. That’s it, Em. That’s it, sweet girl.” His raspy, hoarse praise thrilled her, sending a surge of heated pleasure through her veins. “You’re so fucking beautiful.” He set down the brush and roughly massaged her burning cheeks, soothing and punishing her tender flesh.

Dan dipped his fingers between her legs and sucked his breath through his teeth in a hiss of satisfaction. “You’re so wet.” He teased her clit with tight circles, igniting a fire that rivaled the one whipping across the surface of her skin. When he thrust one finger then a second into her sex, Emma thought she’d lose her mind with the need that coursed through her body.

Dan became the master, the director, controlling how much pleasure and pain to inflict on her eager body. He stroked and finger fucked her to the brink of orgasm—then left her hanging.

“Please—please, Dan.” She needed to come more badly than she ever had before.

Dan chuckled, his rich laugh full of satisfaction, and picked up the brush again. He struck her cheek hard, and she flinched. “Oh God, more,” she begged. “More. More. More.”

He peppered her ass with spicy kisses until agony and rapture merged, and she bucked like a wild thing across his knees, sobbing through the pleasure, laughing through the pain.

“You like it, don’t you, Emma?” Dan growled. “You like having your ass burned. You like your pleasure wrapped up in a kiss of pain.”

“Yes.” She couldn’t lie. How could she when she’d cried out for more, writhing in ecstasy? Hadn’t she been living vicariously through the testimonies of the Rod and Cane wives? Hadn’t she secretly gotten a little thrill with every spanking tale she’d heard, playing the recordings over and over? Wasn’t the real purpose of her exposé an attempt to explore her own dark desires?

Dan seared her ass twice more and tossed the brush aside.

Her backside throbbed like a balloon being inflated and deflated. Everything pulsed—the arteries in her throat, her aching clit, her swollen pussy, her womb. Her body was one massive ball of convulsing need.

Dan eased her to her feet. “Take off your clothes,” he ordered in a quiet voice and unzipped his pants.

False Pretenses blurb

Freelance journalist Emma Dupree needs a sensational story to boost her career and free her from the corporate hell of her day job. She finds her blockbuster in the Rod and Cane Society, an organization that encourages men to spank their spouses and goes undercover to expose the kinky perversions. Fearing she could be scooped by a rival reporter, she keeps a tight lid on her story, not even telling her new boyfriend.

Dan Tanner knows all about keeping secrets. He’s a member of the kinky perv organization Emma is striving to expose. This real estate agent has a major spanking fetish and would like nothing more than to get his hands on Emma’s ass, but fears rejection from his sexy new lady who insists she’s 100 percent pure vanilla.

They’re both operating under False Pretenses. Who will be the first to lose their cover and when Emma loses hers, will she let Dan discipline her for it?

False Pretenses is the second book in the Rod and Cane Society domestic discipline series. All Rod and Cane books are written to be read as stand-alones.

False Pretenses (No. 2) on Amazon

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