#SatSpanks: Stephanie picks her paddle…

Stephanie and Mark of Body Politics are in the disciplinary chamber of the Rod and Cane Society mansion. She has earned a spanking, but Mark is allowing her to choose her her implement…

She studied them for so long, he was beginning to think she was stalling, but then she selected a smallish wooden one with circular cutouts.

“The choice is yours, but you should know that even though it’s little, that one will probably hurt the most. The holes decrease wind resistance.”

Hastily she replaced it and then reached for a slim leather one about the size of a paint stirrer.

“Nice,” he said. “I could spank your pussy with that.”

“All right, then!” She grabbed a basic wooden paddle.

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Body Politics blurb

Feminist Stephanie Gordon knows the instant she meets blind date Mark DeLuca it’s going to be a wasted evening. Sure the deputy chief of police is criminally sexy, but he’s arrogant, domineering and sexist. Thank goodness after the date ends, she’ll never have to see him again. A member of the Rod and Cane Society, an organization of men who discipline their women by spanking, Mark DeLuca is attracted to Stephanie like a paddle to a well-rounded ass. He sees beneath the shield of feminist militancy to the soft, sensitive woman she tries to hide. When she storms away in a snit, the chase is on. Can a man who spanks convince a diehard feminist her true strength lies in submission?

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Body Politics is third in the Rod and Cane Society series about a secret organization of men who spank and the women who love them. All Rod and Cane books are written as stand-alones, so you can read them out of order or pick the one that suits your fancy.

Unexpected Consequences – book one ♥  False Pretenses – book two

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19 Responses to #SatSpanks: Stephanie picks her paddle…

  1. I love your excerpts from this book, Cara. I can really identify with Stephanie. Thanks for posting.

  2. Renee Rose says:

    I was so disappointed she didn’t choose the slim leather one… great scene!

  3. Interesting choices and interesting reaction with the time consuming thought and reflection as Mark describes the affect of what she is holding. You can feel her anticipation and *sigh* as she goes through this unique selection process.

  4. Such a choice! Holey paddles always make me think of Dead Poets’ Society.

  5. Alice Dark says:

    This one made me chuckle, Cara. I love how she was flustered in choices of punishment. It’s a great scene and beautifully done!

  6. I’m going to have to go back and read this book again. I read it sort of quickly when it first came out because I was so excited about it. Now I’ll go back and savor…

  7. What Joseph said. Very nice, I like how she gets to pick…..though looks can be deceiving! 🙂

  8. Kelli Scott says:

    Choose carefully 🙂

  9. Nikki Hayse says:

    I love that excerpt! That could totally be me. In fact, it has been me. 🙂

  10. Love your excerpt Cara, especially the last line.! Decisions, decisions…

  11. Oh my, I love a scene with a potential kitty spank… spanking equivalent of the smoking gun. Yeah, I can’t say the kitty word. I hope that comes back or is that wrong? Hmmm.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      LOL….I read your comment, and my first thought was, kitty, what kitty? There’s no cat in the scene! But yes, there is the “P” word, as we like to call it in polite circles.

  12. Nice! I’m definitely going to have to get this one!

  13. Thianna D says:

    ‘“All right, then!” She grabbed a basic wooden paddle.’

    She doesn’t know what she is missing.

  14. Natasha Knight says:

    I loved this scene. I think I say that about all the scenes, but it’s true. This was an excellent read.

  15. Corinne Alexander says:

    Heehee, she definitely doesn’t know what she’s missing. I love how caring Mark is for her. It shines through in this scene. Protective yet still has a bit of playful teasing. Perfect balance.

  16. S. J. Maylee says:

    Yes, loved this! This exchange made me giggle. 🙂

  17. Sue Lyndon says:

    I’m with Renee – I was hoping for the slim leather one as well! 🙂

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