Do you like the Rod and Cane books? Join my street team…

Are you a fan of the Rod and Cane Society books? Of my erotic romance fiction in general? Join my street team, Team Cara Bristol, and help get the word out. The benefits to you include:

  • ARC copies of my e-books
  • SWAG to hand out to your friends
  • Advance notice of new releases
  • Chances to win gift certificates through a points-accrual system as well as random prize drawings for Team Cara Bristol members
  • An extra entry into any contest I offer for the general public that you enter
  • A listing on my blog on a special page with a link to your blog

Ways to get the word out:

  • Write reviews of my books and post them on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, Loose Id. ARe, Fictionwise, and your blog
  • Mention my books on Twitter. Tweet your reviews, lines from the book, just mention you enjoyed the book and say why.
  • Mention my books on Facebook.
  • Tell your friends. Word of mouth is great way to spread the word. Soon I’ll have SWAG that you can hand out.

A word about reviews

Reviews are critical and primary – and also very subjective. What one person likes may be exactly what another person dislikes. If you don’t care for one of my books, feel free to pass on writing a review. And if you think a book rates only 4 stars instead of 5, I’m happy with that.  I’ve read a lot of great 4 star books! But if you do think a book rates 4 or 5 stars, please write and post a review. It’s the number one way you can get the word out.


Communication is key, isn’t it? The primary way we’ll exchange information will be via a special private Team Cara Bristol Facebook page. That’s where I’ll post the latest updates and you can talk to other team members. From time-to-time I may email Team Cara Bristol, but I promise not to send an abundance of emails. Tips, guidelines, and the point system will be posted on the Facebook page too.

The point system

Each time you post a review it’s worth a certain number of points. An Amazon, BN or Goodreads review is worth 2 points. Post a review within the first two weeks of a release and get an extra point per review. Other reviews are worth 1 point.  More points can be earned for other tasks (to be listed on the Facebook page). Earn 50 points and you’ll receive a gift certificate. At the end of each month, email me the list of points you’ve accrued so I can keep track. Yes, we’re operating on the honor system.

How to sign up

Email me at carabristol50 (at) yahoo (dot) com and say, sign me up for Team Cara Bristol! Be sure to give me the link to your blog. If I know you (and you know if I know you) that’s all you need to do. If you’re a fan, but we’ve never emailed, or tweeted each other or connected on Facebook, please also include a link to a review of one of my books that you’ve written. Membership in Team Cara Bristol is limited to a manageable number!

The first ARC you’ll receive will be Coming to Terms, a domestic discipline anthology to be released by LazyDay Publishing on May 15. This month, there also will be two more releases: Destiny’s Chance, a reincarnation romance (with erotic spanking) on May 14 and Rod and Cane 4, Disciplinary Measures on May 21.  Join Team Cara Bristol and you’ll also receive ARCs of those books too!

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5 Responses to Do you like the Rod and Cane books? Join my street team…

  1. Hi Cara,
    Good luck with your street team. I’m very much in love with your covers! 😀

  2. S. J. Maylee says:

    I’m emailing you now 😀

  3. Cara, you are brilliant!

  4. Gabrielle says:

    Sent off my email.

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