#8Sunday: Chance and Zoe shared a kink?

Welcome to my installment of Weekend Writing Warriors, in which authors present eight sentences of a work. I’m excerpting from Destiny’s Chance, a paranormal recently released by Loose Id that includes a bit of kink.

To recap what has occurred thus far: After a car accident, Destiny awakens in the hospital and discovers that her friend Zoe was killed, and she was reincarnated in Zoe’s body. Zoe had broken it off with her boyfriend, but still lived with him. Thinking that Destiny is Zoe, Chance brings her home.

She would be the worst kind of opportunist if she manipulated his feelings for his dead girlfriend to fulfill her secret lust. Any affair that formed would be like cotton candy, sweet but without substance, because it wouldn’t be Destiny he cared for but Zoe. Many couples went through tumultuous on-again, off-again relationships. It didn’t make them free just because they were in the off stage.

And some loves were never meant to be.

She’d almost choked on her breakfast when he mentioned he and Zoe shared a kink.

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Destiny’s Chance Blurb

Destiny Grable can’t help that she’s fallen in love with  Chance Everett, her best friend’s boyfriend, but she’s never, ever acted on her feelings — until she and Zoe are in a car accident, her friend is killed, and she is reincarnated in her body. She never wished for something like this to happen, but perhaps now she’ll be free to love Chance the way she always wanted to.

Chance might have had pursued Destiny, but he has a kinky side and she was a nice girl. But now she’s dead, and the accident has forced him to take in his ex-girlfriend. As soon as she recovers and moves out, he’ll get on with his life.

Will two star-crossed lovers find happiness?

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18 Responses to #8Sunday: Chance and Zoe shared a kink?

  1. Gemma Parkes says:

    Loving this! Can’t wait to read her reaction to whatever his kink is!

  2. She doesn’t seem like she want to share the kink in Zoe’s shoes.

  3. Oh, now I want to know what that kink is. 😉 Terrific snippet!

  4. Evelyn Jules says:

    Still loving this story! I’m with everyone else. I have GOT to know what this kink is. lol. Great job, Cara!

  5. S. J. Maylee says:

    I know what the kink is and Cara shows it it all hot and sexy. Yum.

    “…because it wouldn’t be Destiny he cared for but Zoe.” <-this really got to me while I was reading this one. I wanted to give her a hug.

  6. Oh, I was all in love with the cotton candy simile and then you tossed in the kink! Well done, really an excellent excerpt!

  7. I love the ‘cotton candy’ and want to know what the kink is. Nice 8.

  8. Caitlin says:

    Whoa, that’s going to be complicated. But sometimes you eat the cotton candy anyway, and deal with the stomach ache later…

    I see what you mean about the blurb. Thanks for stopping by and the advice!

  9. Summer Ross says:

    Kink- love it.
    Thank you for sharing.
    My Blog

  10. Anne Lange says:

    Okay – what’s the kink!!! Great snippet 🙂

  11. sue says:

    Maybe the kink is her kink as well…

  12. I love this story. I can’t wait to read it. 😀

  13. Interesting idea … I wonder will he find out the truth? Will he believe it if he does?

  14. Deb E says:

    Ha! That is a great line to end on!
    This looks like a really fun read, and it was a great snippet.

  15. P.T. Wyant says:

    I’m another who wonders what’s going to happen if/when he finds out the truth…

  16. I want to know what the kink is now too

  17. Oh my! Between the whole thing about her never being able to be with him because she’d know that he really wanted Zoe, and now finding out that they share a kink… I wonder if she will still WANT to be with him after hearing about this…

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