Destiny and Chance get their spank on…

After accidentally discovering her boyfriend is a spanko, Destiny Grable has been itching to have her bottom warmed. She finally gets the nerve to tell Chance she’d like to be spanked…

An excerpt from Destiny’s Chance

“I need you to touch me, to hold me, to spank me.” She’d never expressed her desires to a man so openly before. But she withheld the most important piece. I need you. She loved Chance and craved him in every possible way.

She wanted him when he came home from the shop greasy and dirty, when he woke up with morning breath and morning wood, when he padded around the bedroom wearing nothing but a towel, when his muscles flexed when he did ordinary things like unload the dishwasher or grab a cup off the shelf. When he laughed at the television. After he shaved and when his face grew scratchy again. In the daytime and in the evening. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Thursdays and every other day. “I want you…and sex and spanking.”

“Me. Sex. Spanking.” Chance paused as if her request required consideration. He nodded. “I can accommodate you. When would you like all that?”

Her tongue seemed to swell inside her mouth, impeding the formation of words. “Now.” Perhaps only one word would be necessary.

Chance shoved away from the table. “Okay. Let’s go.”

Stomach fluttering, Destiny rose to her feet. Like this? No lead-in, no preamble. Just bam! The suddenness aroused nervousness and excitement.

He motioned for her to precede him, and she shuffled for the bedroom, trying to decipher the meaning behind his about-face.

A hard swat landed on her ass. She squealed.

“There’s more where that came from if you don’t get a move on. And even more if you do.” He smiled wickedly. Problems could wait. This could not. She scurried down the hall with Chance at her heels.

In the bedroom, he dug the chest out of the closet. Anything he chose would have been fine with her, but he selected the tawse, and her excitement spiked into the red zone. This is really happening. Oh God. Her pussy dampened, and butterflies stormed her stomach. He set the tawse on the nightstand, and it stood out stark and wicked, a shrine to naughty intent.

Destiny’s Chance blurb

Destiny Grable can’t help that she’s fallen in with love Chance Everett, her best friend’s boyfriend, but she’s never, ever acted on her feelings — until she and Zoe are in a car accident, her friend is killed, and she is reincarnated in her body. She never wished for something like this to happen, but perhaps now she’ll be free to love Chance the way she always wanted to.

Chance might have had pursued Destiny, but he has a kinky side and she was a nice girl. But now she’s dead, and the accident has forced him to take in his ex-girlfriend. As soon as she recovers and moves out, he’ll get on with his life.

Can two star-crossed lovers ever find happiness?

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Also, today I am on paranormal author Carrie Ann Ryan’s blog talking about star-crossed romances. Please come visit me there.

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  1. Sue Lyndon says:

    Loved the excerpt! You can really feel Destiny’s excitement…and I have a feeling her excitement is about to grow even more…

  2. So delicious!
    I loved this excerpt!

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