Saturday Spankings: her body knows what she doesn’t…

I took a break from Saturday Spankings last week while I moved my mom. But I’m back in the swing of things now. Today’s post continues with an excerpt from Disciplinary Measures, the fourth Rod and Cane Society story.

To recap: Gina is a compulsive shopper. Her husband Linc no longer trust her to keep her promises that she won’t spend money. They are in the middle of a “romantic interlude,” when he says he wants to try something new: he wants to spank her. She agrees because she knows the credit card bill has arrived and she wants him mellow before he opens it.

Then he yanked her from his lap and hauled her onto her knees on the bed. Her breasts swung, the tips as hard as stones. They, like her pussy, knew what she had not: spanking aroused her in a bizarre way. He shoved her hand to her sex. “Make yourself come,” he growled and delivered an incentivizing smack to her ass.

She couldn’t believe it. He’d ordered her to come! Who did he think he was?

Disciplinary Measures blurb

Married for just three years, Linc Ellison has reached his wit’s end. His wife’s overspending threatens to drive them into the poorhouse. But more than that, he doesn’t feel he can trust Regina because of her string of broken promises. When he learns about the Rod and Cane Society, a secret organization of men who spank their wives, he decides to implement some disciplinary measures to save his marriage.

Sure Regina shops a lot. And she’s broken some promises. But she’s trying to do better. What hurts most is that Linc no longer trusts her. So she consents to try domestic discipline.

But neither is prepared for the ripple effect the disciplinary measures will have on their love life.

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Trust me, this story is searing hot…the hottest Rod and Cane story so far…

Disciplinary Measures is currently available in all ebook formats on Loose Id. I recently found out that it will NOT be offered through Amazon or other e-tailers. It will only be sold through Loose Id.

Disciplinary Measures Buy Link

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12 Responses to Saturday Spankings: her body knows what she doesn’t…

  1. Interesting that he thinks she can come on command, and with her current frame of mind her body is going to have a bit of a challenge I think. Enticing excerpt, Cara. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Tara Finnegan says:

    Gina needs to learn obedience – and what an order while she’s hot after a spanking. Love the snippet

  3. Casey McKay says:

    Am I the only one who loves it when a guy ‘growls’? Probably not! LOL Hot snippet, Cara!

  4. Loving Linc’s Dominance and control and even more so, Gina’s bizarre spanking appeal apparent in her eros zones… so much to ponder and savor and wanting to read more of course… loving the contrast between these two here… ❆

  5. loved this excerpt, Cara. very hot!
    I love dominant men. And like Casey, I like the growl.
    I just finished this book, and loved it! It was awesome!
    Great job!

  6. marysuewehr says:

    Woot! Love the growl. Hot snippet. Cara!

  7. Sue Lyndon says:

    Being told to come is hot…and when spanking is involved too…oh my!

  8. Why can’t I remember this scene? I was apparently thinking of other things…clears throat…at time of first read. Will revisit…

  9. Renee Rose says:

    I also love the growling. And the coming. And the spanking (oh yeah, you knew that already, didn’t you?)

  10. Maren Smith says:

    Oh, wow. She thinks a spanking beforehand is going to mellow him? lol Wait until he opens the bill!

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