If you had 100 wishes, what would they be?

Write down a one hundred wishes and within a year one half of them will come true.

So said a character in a novel, the title of which I cannot remember, that I read many years ago. I was so intrigued by the concept that I did it. I numbered a sheet of paper from one to a hundred and listed my wishes and dated the paper.

Coming up with the first twenty-five was easy, the second twenty-five a little harder, but for the last fifty, I was scraping the bottom of the barrel to think of things. New dish towels? A new pair of shoes? What else do I want beyond health, security, connection with the people in my life and fortune?

Half of my wishes did come true, but it took more than a year, and over the decade or so since I first did this exercise I revised my list because I had new things I wished for and no longer wanted some of the originals. I never did bowl a 200, but that’s off my list.

I find the exercise intriguing because of what it reveals about me and “destiny” if there is such a thing:

  • My wishes fall into several categories: career, finances, personal relationships, possessions and activities, and wishes for other people.
  • Listing so many things forces one to become specific and to drill down to the nitty-gritty of what one really wants. Interim wishes, short-term wishes, and long term wishes emerge.
  • Some wishes are pie-in-sky, the personal equivalent of achieving world peace, but you know what? Some of those have come true for me. Things I had no control over, that I  never expected to have happen did.
  • The exercise revealed I have a reluctance, albeit a small one, to ask for what I really want. Sometimes I would experience an embarrassment to write on my private list what I wished for. Instead of jotting my true wish, my first inclination was to curtail it, to write down something lesser, more reasonable. But then I reminded myself it’s a wish list and it’s okay to name what I really want. Or what think I want.

I made a new list of wishes the other day. I’ll report back in year how many of my new wishes came true.

Want to try it?


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9 Responses to If you had 100 wishes, what would they be?

  1. Tara Finnegan says:

    You made me smile Cara, isn’t it funny how we can be afraid to commit to our deepest wishes, even on a slip of paper just for ourselves, it’s almost like we’re afraid to jinx it. Hope they all come true for you.

  2. Great post for a Monday morning (or any morning) Cara. I do believe that there is something to putting your wishes and dream down on paper or giving them voice, it gives them life.

    I’m going to work on this today.

    P.S. New dish towels? Really? snort.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Love this idea and just may have to take a few minutes today and come up with 100 wishes.. just to try this out…

    oh the possibilities!

  4. Thianna D says:

    Great article, Cara.

    I have worked with smaller lists and I look forward to trying 100. I know exactly what you mean about the guilt and shame about writing down exactly what one wants. For me it lies between being worried that someone might see the list and / or feeling like I ‘shouldn’t’ ask for so much.

    *rolls eyes* you would think as I am such a huge proponent of the law of attraction that I would be over that by now. Err. Nope.

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