A hot excerpt from Reckless in Moonlight…

A divorcee find loves is hotter the second time around with the sexy doctor next door…From Reckless in Moonlight.

He bounded out of the pool. Dana chuckled; she’d hold that thought and others too. It wasn’t fair to other guys that so much gorgeousness was locked up in one man. Lon snagged his pants and yanked a strip of condoms from a pocket, pivoted, and grinned as if he’d achieved a victory. Dana’s laugh dissolved into a shudder of lust as she focused on the frontal view of taut, lean muscle. Lon’s long, thick erection bobbed as he dashed back to the pool. No, it wasn’t fair to other men.

He dropped the condoms at pool’s edge and jumped into the pool. Dana squealed and flinched as droplets and a wave of water hit her.

“Miss me?” His eyes glinted with carnal promise.

Dana focused on the pile of condoms. “Ambitious, are we?”

“You have no idea.” He hoisted her onto the pool deck. Standing between her legs, he captured her face between his palms. “Now, where were we?” He kissed her, fanning embers of passion to a blaze. Lon sucked gently on her lower lip, on her tongue, teasing her to deepen her response. She needed little coaxing to kiss him back as if this moment meant everything to her, because it did.

Just as her bottom balanced on the pool’s edge, so did her heart. Where would this moonlight escapade lead? She hadn’t anticipated getting involved with someone, had no idea her impulsive invitation to skinny-dip would lead to something like this. She had the uneasy feeling she was in over her head but flung her worries away and poured her intensity into her kiss. She roved her hands over Lon’s shoulders and chest as if to claim him as hers if only for an evening.

Lon groaned at her touch and dipped his head to suck on a taut nipple, making her gasp with pleasure. He continued his downward quest, and her breath caught in her throat as he revealed his intention in setting her on the deck. His wide shoulders wedged her thighs apart, and with his thumbs, he parted her folds, ducked his head, and swirled his tongue over her clit. She shuddered, electrified by the sharp-sweet pleasure the contrast of his soft mouth and roughened jaw elicited. He licked at her opening, then stroked inside with his tongue. His satisfied rumble was as much responsible for the lust that raced through her as his actual touch.

“Oh God, oh fuck.” Dana’s eyes widened as he penetrated her pussy with two broad fingers and continued to tease her clit. The pleasure was driving her insane, and she flailed her dangling legs. She lifted her feet and planted her heels on the deck’s edge, but that only increased his access—of which he took full advantage. The sight of him going down on her, his face buried in her pussy, intensified her excitement.

Clickety-clickety-clickety. She rode a roller coaster of rapture, and every swipe of his tongue, each thrust of his fingers, impelled her higher up the track. “Oh God, Lon.” She neared the top.

She tore a condom from the strip, but her wet fingers couldn’t get a grip on the foil packet to open it. At last she managed to rip it open but dropped the condom in the pool. Lon’s shoulders shook with amusement, and his murmured, “Now you see why we need so many” sent an erotic puff of warmth over her sensitized skin.

Dana grabbed another condom but nearly pitched it when Lon resumed licking and sucking her already pleasure-seared clit. “You’re not helping!” she muttered.

He chuckled and lifted his head from her pussy to meet her gaze. “Now that’s a blow to my fragile male ego. I thought I was.”

Without the distraction, Dana got the wrapper open and unrolled the condom onto his cock, noting with triumph how he jerked under her touch. She had little time to gloat, though, because he curved his palms under her bottom and lifted her off the ledge and onto his cock, easing into her in a couple of gentle but firm thrusts. Dana moaned at the sweetness, the fulfillment, the sense of completion. Muscles tightened and clutched at him greedily.

He fucked slowly and thoroughly, content to push her up the roller coaster track of ecstasy one excruciating, ratcheted rung at a time.




“Oh fuck!” She reached the pinnacle of the coaster and sailed over the top, the track beneath her disappearing all together. The huge moon vanished, its glow obliterated by the brighter stars exploding behind her eyes. Neighbors, a tiny voice in her brain whispered, and she smothered a scream against the crook of Lon’s neck and shoulder. Protected by the eight-foot fence, they couldn’t see her, but they would be able to hear.

His long strokes picked up power and force. Lon groaned and shuddered as orgasm propelled him over the peak. His cock contracted in spasms and spilled into the condom.

Dana clung to him, panting, the thudding rhythm of her heart matching his. In an instant, she had shattered and been put back together, but in a different way, one in which her bones and muscles lacked strength to hold her upright. She never wanted to move, couldn’t imagine being anywhere but supported by Lon’s arms.

“Dana?” His voice rumbled in her ear.

“Umm?” She murmured, too content to form actual words.

“You’re biting me.”

♥ ♥ ♥

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