Have you ever loved someone you couldn’t have?

Have you ever loved or “liked” someone who was already taken? Have you ever wished you could be that person’s spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend?

Destiny Grable never wishes to take her best friend’s place, but she does love Zoe’s boyfriend. And when a tragic accident kills Zoe, Destiny wakes up in the hospital in Zoe’s body. And then she finds out everything is not what it appears, including little matter about Chance’s spanking kink…

Destiny’s Chance is featured today on Celeste Jones’s Spanking Book Club. Hope you’ll stop by and share your thoughts if you’ve read the book.

Destiny’s Chance on Spanking Book Club

Destiny’s Chance on Amazon

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2 Responses to Have you ever loved someone you couldn’t have?

  1. I think this is a great question Cara. I did sort of have that happen and then the friend got all jealous that her boyfriend and I got along better than the two of them did. Nothing ever happened…probably for the best.

  2. Thianna D says:

    I seem to have an automatic turn off valve. If someone is attached, I can’t find them attractive.

    I did have one ‘talent’ when I was in my 20s. All I had to do was get interested in a guy, introduce him to a friend of mine? And POW! Next thing you knew they were dating seriously.

    Sometimes I wondered if I should charge my single friends to introduce them to guys.

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