Historical Week: Spanking Fiction author Renee Rose turns the past rosy

If you read or write spanking fiction, one of the first names you’ll run across is Renee Rose. She is one of the most prolific spanking fiction authors I know, and is one of my fellow co-authors of the Coming to Terms domestic discipline anthology. Besides writing a lot of books, she writes many subgenres of spanking fiction: contemporary, suspense, paranormal and historical. She’s here today wearing her historical hat.

Cara Bristol: So far, you’ve written in the Regency, Medieval and American Old West time periods. Any others?  Do you have a favorite time period?

Renee Rose:  Hmm. I think medieval’s probably my all time favorite, but Regency is very close behind.  Medieval is grittier– women were truly property (which is hot to me in the master/slave sense).  Regency is terribly romantic and the stuffiness lends to excellent juxtaposition with embarrassing punishments.

Cara Bristol: One of the reasons I think historical fiction and spanking fiction mesh so well together is that readers are more accepting of physical discipline within a historical setting than a contemporary one? Do you think this is true? And do you see other reasons for writing about DD in a historical setting?

Renee Rose:  Yes, I absolutely concur. This is the main reason I prefer to read and write historicals.  It’s hard for me to go for non-consensual spanking in a contemporary, but with historical, you have societal consent on your side.

Cara Bristol: Is there a time period you haven’t written in that you’d like to? 

Renee Rose:  It’s not terribly far from Regency, but I’m noodling on a French Revolution story (with the couple escaping to New Orleans).

Cara Bristol: Who are your favorite historical spanking fiction authors?

Renee Rose:  Mmm, I love them all.  Sue Lyndon’s westerns are hot, and I really enjoy Starla Kaye’s medievals.  Celeste Jones’s new Regency is a delight, too.

[Celeste was featured Tuesday on Historical Week. See that interview here.]

Cara Bristol: How much/what kind of research do you have to do? Do you  research well in advance or make it up as you go along and then check facts? How important is historical accuracy to you?

Renee Rose:  I try to check facts before I get too far down the path.  I made a major gaffe in Pleasing the Colonel — a governess would NOT have been invited to a ball, and had I known, it would’ve changed the whole plot.  Now I get a beta read from a historical romance expert in the UK, Sue Aubrey.  I guess it’s fairly important to me that I get things right, but not important enough that I try to do a Phillppa Gregory and slow the pacing in favor of lush detail.

Cara Bristol: I am amazed how prolific you are and how socially connected. What is your writing schedule like? How do you balance writing, promotion and family life?

Renee Rose:  Hmm…I write every night after my kids are in bed.  That’s my guaranteed time.  Otherwise, I try to sneak it in whenever I can, in between other obligations.  My husband bought me a Chromebook, so I can bring it along when I take the kids to swim lessons, etc.

Cara Bristol: A large number spanking fiction authors and readers are spankos. Do you think the spanking fiction genre has or can have a vanilla appeal? Why or why not?

Renee Rose:  Well, I’ve been hoping maybe it might be possible.  I love when I get a review from someone who sort of accidentally picked up the book and they say, well, I’m not into it, but it’s interesting to get into someone else’s head about their kink.  But unfortunately, more often, I’m left with the scathing “horrors–this book has spanking!” review.  I think spanking is a tough one to understand for the vanilla audience.  It involves a power dynamic that feminists have worked very hard to equalize (and I thank my foremothers for that) and it involves hurting someone, which many consider abuse.  So they have to really have an open mind to see past those two objections and understand that it is a major turn-on for us spankos.

Cara Bristol: You’ve also written in the contemporary and paranormal genres as well? What are the merits and challenges of writing in those genres as it relates to spanking fiction?

Renee Rose:  I feel challenged in writing contemporary to include non-consensual spanking (which I find hotter than consensual) without violating my character’s human rights. 🙂  It’s trickier to walk the line of consent/non-consent in contemporary.  That said, I am writing my first non-consensual contemporary (eek!). It features a mafia boss, so he makes his own rules about punishment and reward.

Cara Bristol: What about spanking makes it hot for you?

Renee Rose: Mmm, if only I knew.  It’s not the pain, but I like that part. It’s more the intensity of being taken in hand– the forced intimacy, vulnerability, breaking down of walls.  It’s being held accountable, being naughty.  It’s all of that rolled together.

Blurb for Married to a Rake (coming soon!)

When Phoebe’s married sister Maud is caught with Lord Fenton, the notorious rake, Maud’s husband threatens to kill them both. Phoebe has no choice but to intercede, claiming that she was Lord Fenton’s lover, and forcing Lord Fenton to take her as his wife to avoid a scandal. Knowing full well an unscrupulous man like Fenton would never be faithful, she insists upon a marriage in name only, resolved to resist his charm and dominance,

Teddy never intended to take a wife, doubting his ability to stay faithful and not wishing to replicate his parent’s miserable existence. But when he’s forced to marry the lovely Phoebe Fletcher, he suddenly wants nothing more than to win the affection of his new bride. Just when it seems he might succeed, secrets from her past threaten to destroy their chance at happiness.

Excerpt – Married to a Rake

“Come, little wife,” he said, holding out his arm. When she did not move, he took a step and caught her hand, tugging her gently to the bed where he sat and pulled her onto his knee. He wrapped one arm around her waist and rested the other on her thigh. She sat stiffly, her fingers twisting together in an anxious knot. He covered the nervous hands, stilling them. She smelled fresh and clean with a hint of roses and he had the sense of her fitting perfectly on his lap–her legs the right length to still reach the floor with her feet, her bottom soft and wide enough to settle firmly on his thigh.

“Did you,” she began breathlessly, “intend to exercise your conjugal rights after all?” She blinked rapidly and appeared to be holding her breath. Her voice held no trace of the high pitch of youth–it was rich and throaty, somehow both sweet and worldly at the same time.

“Well, that is why I am here. But I do not intend to do anything against your wishes,” he assured her.

Her breath began again, moving her breastbone up and down in short intervals.

He picked up one of the blond waves that had fallen over her shoulder and twirled it in his fingers. It was as fine as spun silk, so much softer than he had imagined. “What I’m wondering is whether we ought to lie together—just once—to consummate the marriage.”

Her innocence showed in her blush, but the tips of her nipples protruded from under her nightdress, making his breath catch. He retracted his hand from her hair, lest he be tempted to fondle what lay below and shifted his weight on the bed to alleviate the discomfort of his rapidly hardening cock.

She swallowed and parted her lips, but no answer came forth.

“If we don’t, we leave the possibility of annulling it later, if one of us wishes to do so.”

Her eyes met his for the first time, widening. “Do you wish it?”

He grinned. “Wish what? To lie with you or to annul the marriage?”

Renee Rose’s historical titles

Betrothed (medieval)

Loving Lucia (Italian Renaissance)

Courting Celia (Italian Renaissance)

Pleasing the Colonel (Regency)

The Knight’s Prisoner (medieval)

Lords and Ladies: Two Spanking Novellas (medieval)

The Devil of Whiskey Row (Gold Rush Western)

The Westerfield Affair (Regency)

Married to a Rake (Regency) Coming soon!

 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Hope you enjoyed Historical Week and got to know some new authors. If you missed one, they are:

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  1. Sue Lyndon says:

    Married to a Rake sounds great, Renee! Looking forward to it.

  2. Cara–I’ve really enjoyed Historical Week. I hope you’ll do more theme weeks.

    I wonder, though I am not sure, if part of the appeal of historicals is that when we read we want to be taken far away from our current reality, so going back in time (especially to an era that has been romanticized in books, tv and movies) adds to that? Historicals also appeal to the geek in me because I usually learn a few things.

    Renee–It didn’t dawn on me that the governess wouldn’t go to a ball and I think I beta read that book for you. Oops. But, I’m glad you didn’t change the plot because I loved that book.

    Cara–how about a theme week of prolific writers sharing their secrets?

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Secret sharing! I like it. I’ve actually been mulling over a regular feature involving other authors. Guess I should get on that!

  3. Renee Rose says:

    Thank you so much for including me in historical week- so much fun!!

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