Holding out for hero: I need a man who’s not a pretzel…

My erotic science fiction domestic discipline romance Breeder is in editing with Loose Id, slated for an October release, and I need to start writing my next story, but I am searching for photographs to build my Pinterest board. First the unofficial blurb:

Dak and Omra belong to an alien aggressive race who live on the “androcentric, androsocial” planet Parseon where male domination is enforced by law. This “Protocol” separates the Parseon race into castes. The five Alpha Commanders rule at the top. Beneath them are the alphas, the males deemed dominant, and below them, are the betas, males who serve as the submissive domestic partners to the alphas. Only alphas may pass on their genetic material by bearing offspring. Females are slaves relegated to breeding and ancillary sexual outlets.

Alpha Commander Dak needs a son. He purchases a breeder named Omra with the intention of impregnating her and then handing her off to his beta Corren. Only Corren hates her. And Dak falls in love with her and begins to question everything he was taught, jeopardizing not only his anointed union with Corren, but all of Parseon.

I have a good inspirational photograph of the heroine, Omra:

And of the Breeder Containment Facility where Dak purchased her:

But I need a photo of hero Dak. He is a fierce warrior, the strongest of the strong. Very tall, very muscular. As I was scrolling through photos of men on Bigstock, my husband came into my office.

Me [to explain why I’m looking at photos of near naked men when he thinks I’ve been working]: I need a picture for Breeder.

DH: That’s your science one?

Me: Yes.

DH: So you need a Martian-looking guy.

Me: He needs to be tough.

DH: You have a picture of me in there.

After we shared our little laugh I went back to scrolling. I found a lot of good photos of men in jeans, but because Dak is an alien (albeit a humanoid one), those won’t work for the story. Come join me on the search for the perfect hero. Remember my search term was “muscular man.”

I’m just an average Joe on the beach in my underwear

Too bad there’s no soccer in my story

Dak’s chest. Totally perfect, but I need the rest of him.

I like the moodiness, alas he’s not Dak.

Too literal.

I need a man who is not a pretzel

Let’s try a different search term. Let’s look for a “nude man.”

How come I’m shivering my ass off, and he gets a coat?

I like her hair. Oops! Got distracted.

Has a sci-fi feel but no.

The eyes are perfect. I might have to go with this.

The last photo looks a little android-ish to me, but I saved it. Finding good photos is one of the challenges of writing science fiction. My story combines futuristic details with more primitive ones. I can see this is going to take a while.


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7 Responses to Holding out for hero: I need a man who’s not a pretzel…

  1. Fun post, Cara. The pretzel guy is interesting but I think the last guy is worth considering (for a variety of things).

  2. Karla Doyle says:

    Awesome post. You made me laugh, several times. Thanks for that!

    I like the last one. Didn’t give me the android feel at all. 🙂

  3. Viv says:

    Love the concept on this one (I’m a sucker for sci fi). Very much looking forward to it. But … why do you need to hunt down photos? Just for author inspiration? As a reader, it kind of deflates me when the author shows me what the characters look like. I prefer to imagine the whole package in my head. So that I can bitch about the movie casting eventually, right. 🙂

  4. AMBuxton says:

    It was really fun to watch your process. I like the last picture, too.

  5. Thianna D says:

    OOh! That last image was amazing!

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