Breeder, erotic sci-fi, releases Tuesday, Oct. 15

CB_Breeder_coverlgWith the Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013  release of Breeder, an erotic sci-fi novel, I’ll host a drawing for two prizes — a $50 Amazon gift certificate and a $10 Starbucks gift certificate. What do you have to do to win?

Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you!

Breeder is about a humanoid alien world in which men rule. Women are nothing more than breeding slaves. Women have such little worth on the planet that to consort with one for pleasure is to debase oneself, so men partner with each for sex and companionship. Assuming that mating will be a dispassionate, perfunctory affair, Alpha Commander Dak purchases a “breeder” to produce his sons. But he falls in love with her. Their union jeopardizes their lives, his rule, and the stability of the entire planet.

Breeder is 62,000 words  (about 250 pages). It contains explicit M/F sex, some M/M sex, and domestic discipline.

When Loose Id releases Breeder tomorrow, it will first appear on Loose Id’s site. You’ll be able to purchase all ebook versions: Kindle, Nook, Sony, etc. For instruction on how to download a book to your Kindle, click here.

It will take a couple of days, possibly a week, before Breeder is available on Amazon, BN, ARe, etc. When it does, I’ll announce it. If you buy from Loose Id, however, you earn “Idcents,” which can be used like currency toward future purchases. (You also earn Idcents on Loose Id for writing reviews).

Check back on my blog tomorrow to get the details on how to enter the prize drawings!

Breeder in pictures – Pinterest board

Breeder on Goodreads

Future Buy Link


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4 Responses to Breeder, erotic sci-fi, releases Tuesday, Oct. 15

  1. Very exciting! Are you pacing around your office?

  2. Cara Bristol says:

    I feel very scattered. There are things I need to do, but I am finding it hard to focus.

  3. Renee Rose says:

    Very exciting! I’m excited about the starbucks prize, too… mmmm coffee!

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