How to send/download/add a book to your Kindle…

So you’ve purchased a Kindle ebook from a publisher or won one in a contest and you’re wondering how to put it on your Kindle. The simplest way is to email it to your Kindle:

  1. Download the book to your computer.
  2. Start a new email
  3. In the “to” section put the Kindle email name you were assigned when you got your Kindle. It should say “yourname” Leave the” subject” blank.
  4. Attach the file you purchased to the email.
  5. Click send.

That’s it. Just be sure your Kindle wireless is turned on. The book will appear in your Kindle like magic. (Another way is to attach your USB cord between your computer and your Kindle and drag or move the file over with your mouse, but emailing is simpler).

Another tip: When you buy from a publisher for Kindle, get the mobipocket/prc version. That’s the one that is formatted for Kindle. You can also get the PDF, but not all your Kindle functions will work on a PDF.

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  1. I often buy books from sites other than Amazon because they allow you to use Paypal and Amazon does not. Living in Europe, I get paid in my US paypal account from some publishers and the way Paypal is set up, you can’t use that account to buy things in another country. ???????

    On Amazon’s site under ‘manage your kindle, personal documents, approved e-mail list’ you can set up the e-mail address of the publisher you buy from regularly and when you buy a book, send it directly to your kindle without the 2 step process. Blushing has that so when I buy a book there, it goes directly to my kindle (as long as my wireless is on).

  2. Rebecca says:

    I was so glad when I learned this a couple of weeks ago– it helps in lots of things but especially when I get advanced review copies and they are in pdf or some other format and I generally do all my reading on my kindle app on my iPad….

    And so far, everyone I have told about it had no idea you could do it!

  3. I love this feature and I am surprised that more people don’t know about it, so thanks for spreading the word. You can also do this w/any word doc by sending it to your kindle email account from the email address which is associated w/your amazon account. This is a great way to proofread your books one last time and in a different format from your computer screen. Some people I know even turn on the audio feature and have the kindle read their book to them. The computer voice is a bit annoying but if you’ve read your book over and over then your eyes are less likely to pick up errors but your ears might.

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