News, notes and updates…what to expect next

Greetings, Terrans!

Here’s a recap of what has occurred and what is coming up:

CB_Breeder_coverlgLast week Loose Id released Breeder, my science fiction erotic romance (with domestic discipline), and within 24 hours it zoomed to claim three top 100 lists on Amazon. 

Again, I want to express how touched I am by the outpouring of support from all my author friends and readers, who’ve helped to spread the word about Breeder. Thank you!! You all are the best.

Please note that the “Breeder Reader Contest” for a $50 Amazon gift certificate continues until October 31. For details and contest rules, click here.

To buy Breeder on Amazon, click here.

To buy Breeder on ARe, click here.

Now for the new stuff:

Authors get feedback from readers through reviews. But sometimes you wonder what was behind a reader’s comment. Or what he really thought and why. Today I have a unique opportunity to interview a reader about my book, to ask her specific questions.

You can find the reader interview with Katherine Deane here. She’s is an author too, but she’s an avid reader as well.

I figure you need a break from the Breeder blitz, so on Wednesday, computer issues  will be the topic of the day.

On Thursday, the lovely Em Petrova will be guesting! Please visit her.

On Friday, I’ll  have a blog about cooking. Yes, cooking.

This week’s Breeder publicity blitzkrieg

Monday, October 21 –

Mark of the StarsBreeder character sketches. Get to know Dak (hero), Omra (heroine) and Corren (villain) a little better.

Celeste JonesBreeder Spotlight

Lusty Penguin – Breeder Spotlight

Today, Tuesday October 22

Cynthia Shepp – Breeder Spotlight

Wednesday October 23

Kami Bryant – Breeder Spotlight

Sue Lyndon – An analysis of the “wounded” hero

Thursday, October 24

Backward Momentum – The Parseon language of Breeder

Romance with Flavor – An interview

Friday, October 25

Book Swagger – Breeder Spotlight


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2 Responses to News, notes and updates…what to expect next

  1. Rollin Hand says:

    Cara, congratulations on the wonderful success of your book. I’m envious, but that just makes me want to work harder on my own writing, so you are an inspiration to us all.

  2. Cara Bristol says:

    Thank you, Rollin. I could write reams of everything I did differently with this book, and in the end, luck plays a role too. This is my tenth title (plus two anthologies) so I’ve been at it for a while. I wish you many sales and great success.

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