Sexy excerpt: Reckless abandon on the front porch…

CB_RecklessinMoonlight_coverinAn excerpt from Reckless in Moonlight…

When she moved to unlock her front door, he trapped her against it with his body. The house keys fell from her fingers.

“What are you doing?” she gasped, weakness stealing through her legs.

“Put your hands on the door,” he ordered. His breath steamed against her neck and tingled all the way down her spine.

She flattened her palms against the surface. “Somebody will see.” Excitement raced, but she feigned protest because it was all part of the game. Shadows shrouded her porch, the garage blocked the view from his parents’ side, thick shrubbery from the other, and Lon’s body from the street, but they could be caught, and she trembled from the lewd possibilities.

“You like my little toy, don’t you?” Lon snaked his hand under her skirt and hooked his thumbs into her V-string.

“Yes.” How could she pretend otherwise when the scrap of fabric being shoved down her legs was soaked and her musk of arousal mixed with the sweetness of the rosebushes in the flowerbed?

He tugged her skirt over her hips and tucked the hem into the waistband. The night air and Lon’s hand caressed her bare cheeks.

Dana’s nostrils flared, and she swallowed, alarm vying with desire. “Lon… I don’t know…” What the hell was she doing? She was a middle-aged mother of a grown daughter, a professional—a member of the neighborhood homeowner’s association, for crying out loud. She would have to issue herself a citation for indecent behavior!

“I do know,” he said and curved his forearm over her naked hip and delved his fingers between her legs. “You want this.” His cock, beneath the abrasive material of his slacks, was stone rigid.

“Let’s go inside.” Even as she said it, she widened her stance. He seized her swollen, achy clit, and she rocked against his hand, her body moving of its own accord as pleasure thrummed through her. The muscles of her ass gripped the plug as if it was her sole hold on sanity.

“Not yet.” He manipulated her clit with fierce, rough strokes, showing no gentleness or consideration for the most sensitive part of her body. Her mind reeled. How had he known what she craved?

“I won’t take you inside until you come for me on your porch.”

Someone would hear her. Dana clamped her lips together and shook her head, only to squeal in shock and desire when Lon grasped the generously lubed plug and, using it like a dildo, began to fuck her ass with it. Nerves lit up like the Las Vegas strip. Searing pleasure assaulted her from the front and back. She clenched her muscles and thrashed under Lon’s masterful hands.

She clawed at the door. Her manicurist would wonder what the hell she’d done, but she didn’t care. She didn’t need pretty nails when she was going to burst into flames and end up a pile of ash. She’d never felt so fucking alive as she did with Lon.

He had freed her from marital restraints and tapped into her secret yearnings to commit wild, wicked acts of sexual debauchery. Thrilling, scary. Reaching for an anchor of security, she twisted an arm behind her back and groped for his erection. Lon swiveled his hips to avoid her questing hand.

“No,” he growled and paused in reaming her ass.

She returned her hand to its former position.

“That’s my girl,” he praised her in a guttural voice and rewarded her with a thrust of the toy. Her ass was on fire, as was her clit, and ripples of need shuddered through her cunt, which ached for Lon’s cock, even though the overload of pleasure threatened to shatter her into pieces.

Dana moaned. “Am I your girl?” She panted, struggling to hold off so she could consider his words.

He continued to vanquish her clit while he worked the toy diabolically, further stimulating nerves gone wild. “My woman.”

His possessive endearment combined with his skillful technique sent her flying toward ecstasy as if she’d been shot from a cannon. Dana locked her jaw and dug her fingernails into the door.

Lon rammed the plug in her ass and seared her clit with the other hand. “Don’t fight it. Come for me. Now.”

Dana convulsed in orgasm, rocking violently between Lon’s hand and the toy. She clamped her lips together to stifle her scream, but even muffled, the loudness of it shocked her ears.

Shuddering, she sagged against the door.

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Reckless in Moonlight Blurb

Dana Markus knows a full moon makes people act crazy. It’s why they call the power company with stories about aliens disrupting the earth’s climate. It probably explains why her ex-husband left her for a girl scarcely older than their college-age daughter. It definitely accounts for why she impulsively invited the neighbor over for a skinny-dip. And why Lon Corbin accepted.

Lon doesn’t think much of the mass of rock orbiting the earth, but he does think he’s the luckiest man alive when the sexy divorcee he’s admired from afar invites him into her pool. He knows she has reservations about their age difference, but he’s planning to show her in a very physical way how good they could be together if she’ll give him the chance.

But when their simmering private passion boils over into a public relationship, family pressures and schemes threaten to split the couple apart.

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  1. Well…this is certainly an interesting contrast to the post about your cat.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      LOL. You always make me laugh. My cat did not appreciate being the subject of my blog. She told me to leave her out of it.

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