Thursday Thirteen: facts about my cat…

hannahWhy write about my cat? Well, because she’s a star. No, the truth is I ran out of blog topics. My husband does not like it when I write about him, and she was sitting on my lap, and I’ll grab inspiration wherever I can find it.

So, here goes, 13 things about my cat:

  1. Her name is Hannah, and her nicknames are Hannah Banana and Girly Cat. I think she likes Girly Cat the most.
  2. She is afraid of doorways. She’ll hesitate before exiting and then will fly through like she’s been shot from a cannon.
  3. Hannah had a brother, Mike. I had to put Mikey to sleep last summer after he contracted a tick-borne illness that shut down all his systems.
  4. I got both cats 10 years ago from a pet rescue shelter the day before Thanksgiving. Hannah’s birthday is in September, but I don’t know if she’s a Virgo or a Libra.
  5. Hannah does not like other cats (Mike was the exception).
  6. She is generally does not like to be touched and will give you the cold shoulder if you attempt it–unless if she’s in the mood for affection, in which case she is extremely demanding.
  7. She’s a green-eyed tabby, gray striped, and she camouflages really well. It is amazing how well she can blend in against even bright green grass. I suspect she knows this and uses it to her advantage when I’m looking for her.
  8. She’s an indoor-outdoor cat. I allow her outside during the day, but bring her in before it gets dark. She can be in the house while we’re around, but she sleeps in garage at night (DH’s rules).
  9. She is very good about using her scratch post to sharpen her nails and not the furniture or the carpet.
  10. She’s a runner. If she doesn’t want to come in and I attempt to pick her up, she runs. I can recognize a certain glint in her eye and know not to even bother to try to catch her.
  11. Hannah understands English pretty well, although sometimes she pretends she doesn’t. I know she knows the words: food, treat, outside, bedtime, come on, and no.
  12. She refused to sleep on the scratch post that she and her brother had shared after he died, so I covered it with a baby blanket. She uses it now.
  13. Hannah does not travel well and transforms into a hell cat on car rides. Of course, the only places she’s ever gone in the car have been to the vet and to a new home every time we’ve moved.

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6 Responses to Thursday Thirteen: facts about my cat…

  1. I’ve read that kennel training for a cat (taking them places other than the vet and giving treats to stay in the kennel for a little while at home) can be successful. I’ve never tried it, but it sounds intriguing.

    I love the name Hannah. Always have. And my friend’s two children are named Hannah and Michael. 🙂

    • Cara Bristol says:

      I’ve always liked giving people names to pets. I love the name Hannah. I like the way it looks spelled out. It sounds feminine and serene to me. Also, it’s a palindrome.

  2. Hannah banana made me giggle. I’m not surprised she prefers girly cat. An independent lady by the sounds of it! Aw.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      The first time I called her Hannah Banana, my husband rolled his eyes. But now he calls her Hannah Banana too. But she seems more responsive when I call her Girly Cat.

  3. Cute post. I’m not a big fan of cats, but I can see the appeal of Hannah, she’s pretty and appears to have good taste. Pets sure add a lot to our lives, don’t they?

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