Recommended reads: books for February

woman with bookLooking for a good read? Here are some recommendations, books I read and enjoyed. Clicking on the titles will take you to the link on Amazon. I wrote longer reviews for most.

Taken in Hand (DD, BDSM nonfiction) by Jolynn Raymond – A nonfiction guide to DD/BDSM based on the author’s personal experiences. She is in an F/F relationship, but the book applies to M/F & M/M as well.

Taught to Serve (DD, BDSM) by Jaye Peaches – A slacker is taken in hand by a famous author and dominant. A series of spicy vignettes.

Reap and Repent (Romantic Urban Fantasy) by Lisa Medley – A young woman learns to reap souls and fight demons under the tutelage of a hunky more experienced reaper. A funny, sexy, romantic, scary debut novel to be released in March. You can preorder it now as a boxed set. Put this one on your TBR list!

Pendragon’s Lash (Spanking Romance) by Rollin Hand – Secret agents go undercover on a primitive planet where corporeal punishment is the norm. Brings new meaning to “taking one for the team.” Well  written.

Queenie’s Brigade (science fiction) by Heather Massey – A starship captain must convince the female leader of a prison gang to help him save earth from invaders. Filled with spaceships and firepower, but little romance.

Forever Wife by Carolyn Faulkner (paranormal domestic discipline) – A destitute, disabled woman fights to save her family home from a big, bad developer, unaware he’s her own godfather who secretly loves her in the most ungodfatherly like way. This book held my interest, even though I felt it had a multitude of flaws.

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4 Responses to Recommended reads: books for February

  1. Sue Lyndon says:

    Thanks for the recommendations, Cara. I haven’t read any of these books yet but have had my eye on a few. Actually…I have Forever Wife and Pendragon’s Lash on my Kindle but just haven’t gotten to them yet. I wish I was a speed reader…

  2. Your “taking one for the team” comment has made me very curious!

  3. Marie Stenzel says:

    Jolynn Raymond’s book, Taken in Hand is NOT about the Taken in Hand lifestyle. Not even close. I am so disappointed that I bought the ebook. The title is VERY deceptive. Taken inHabd is very different from BDSM. I wish Jolynn would read up about Taken in Hand so he would see he is very wrong

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