Sharing my recipe for Apricot Breakfast Cookies…

Apricot Breakfast Cookies in my very own kitchen

Cookies for breakfast? Why not? People eat donuts, sweet rolls, cinnamon rolls, coffee cake, why not cookies, especially when they contain corn flakes (and dried apricots).

Actually, these cookies are good any time of day. Last year I made them for a dessert party for my neighbors and then baked about 500 for distribution at last year’s Romantic Times Booklover’s Conference. They are my most favorite cookie, and just about everyone who has had them has asked for the recipe. Now you can have it too by zinging over to Romance Cooks.

Apricot Breakfast Cookies – Romance Cooks

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3 Responses to Sharing my recipe for Apricot Breakfast Cookies…

  1. Apricot cookies for breakfast sound good to me. Can we have double chocolate chip cookies with a bit of extra chocolate on the side for lunch ~and you think I’m joking 😉

  2. Oh, just a thought, Cara… I’ve set up an erotica rewteet/promo team on facebook if you want to join. We’re at 43 members, so there’s quite a few of us. Email me at if you’re interested 🙂 Off to bake cookies….MMmm.

  3. Sue Lyndon says:

    Yum. Sounds so good. And I agree, cookies are breakfast food!

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