Sharing some practical jokes for an early April Fool’s Day…

April 1 is April Fool’s, a day of pranks and lies inflicted upon the unsuspecting in the name of fun. In honor of that day, I thought I’d share some real life practical jokes (although none were played for April Fool’s). I’m running this early because tomorrow the spotlight is on A.S. Fenichel’s book Joshua’s Mistake, which has just released.

The jokes:

  • When I folded laundry on the bed, somehow the little anti-static/softener dryer sheets seemed to end up on DH’s side—or in his underwear drawer. It really bugged him, and he complained vociferously and frequently. So for about a month, every time I did the laundry, I saved the dryer sheet. When I had a whole bunch, I stuffed them all under his pillow for him to find. He stopped complaining about dryer sheets for a while, and for a month I looked forward to doing the laundry just so I could get a sheet. (I no longer use them because they are too perfumey, which was DH’s objection).
  • My mother-in-law insists that the heel from the loaf of bread is her favorite part. We weren’t convinced. We thought perhaps she couldn’t stand to throw away “good food,” so DH and I decided to call her on it. For about six weeks, we saved heels (froze them). When she came to visit and wanted bread, we gave her a whole loaf of heels. She did not appear to be excited.
  • Back in high school, a friend told me I had a secret admirer. A guy with the initials “MF.” So of course, I kept trying to find out who “MF” was. Well, I did. I also found out that while my friend had been telling me that “Mark” liked me, she had been telling him that I liked him. I was not amused. I felt embarrassed actually.

Have you ever played a practical joke? Had one played on you? How did you react?

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6 Responses to Sharing some practical jokes for an early April Fool’s Day…

  1. Thianna D says:

    I hate practical jokes. I can’t laugh when they are done to someone else and if someone pulls one on me, they will lose me as a friend so fast they will probably be shocked. (It’s already happened on Fbook, though I highly doubt that people notice the loss of friends there.)

    A whole loaf of bread ends…well, they would probably be great for dressing 😀

    • Cara Bristol says:

      I really think it boils down to embarrassment. If one is made to look foolish, or is humiliated–I don’t think those jokes are at all funny.

  2. Blondie says:

    The dryer sheet is perfect. My husband is always complaining about those things being on the floor. Between the kids and myself we should come up with some sheets to put under his pillow. Great Idea!!!

  3. Sue Lyndon says:

    The dryer sheet joke was my favorite. I do something similar to my husband in our house. So, I have this obsessive compulsive need to tie each dryer sheet in a knot before I put it in the trash can. My husband noticed this and said it drove him crazy to see weird knotted dryer sheets in trashcans all over the house. So now I collect them all and put them in just one trashcan – the one in his bathroom.

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