Terran release day! New excerpt, new contest!

CB_Terran_coverlgTerran is here! Terran is here!

Terran, the second book in the sci-fi romance series, released today and it is now available for purchase through Loose Id my publisher. As soon as it is available on Amazon, I’ll announce it on my blog. You can sign up for blog notifications at the top of sidebar on the right.

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The official blurb:

After fleeing heartache on Terra, Tara Diehl has adjusted to male-dominated Parseon better than most until she is kidnapped by Alpha Marlix, a ruling commander. At first her tall, muscled abductor terrifies her, especially when he doesn’t hesitate to quell her struggle for freedom with some force. When her attempts to escape fail, she decides to seduce her way to freedom.

But out of seduction and subterfuge grow a true intimacy that cause Marlix and Tara to take action that drives Parseon to the brink of civil war, threatening not only their relationship, but also their lives.

Terran, the second book in the Breeder sci-fi series, is a “capture” romance involving a domineering but hunky alien, and a female with a bad dye job and an even worse attitude.

A never-seen-before excerpt from Terran

(Note: Tara, the heroine is lying on the floor naked. She has Marlix’s shirt draped over her. She does not know his name yet).

“Your hair”—his voice rumbled in a sexual way even when he was being obnoxious—“is not naturally pink.” He rubbed the strands between his fingers.

“You think?” She glared, angry at the fluttery sensation his nearness evoked. Fear, she insisted. She flipped her head to jerk her hair from his grasp.

He drew his brows together in confusion, and though she hated herself for capitulating, she answered him. “No, my hair is not pink. It is plain brown.”

“Do any Terrans have naturally pink hair?”

“No,” she said. “Didn’t you receive any kind of briefing about Terra before the Bazaar opened?”

“There were informational meetings,” he admitted. “I did not attend most of them.”


“I do not approve of the alliance.” His voice hardened with vehemence, and grimness settled over his face. “Commander Dak initiated the treaty and the trade venture. He has been led astray by his interactions with your people and his own misguided nature.”

Tara blinked. Touchy subject. Note to self: avoid future discussions of Parseon-Terran relations. In defense, she clutched his warm, alluringly scented shirt to her chest. The fabric smelled like him, and though he knelt way too close for comfort and fierceness had contorted his expression she had the oddest urge to bury her face in the fabric—or against his chest for the full effect.

“Your people’s customs and traditions are repugnant,” he said.

What nerve! Who said such a thing to another person’s face? “Well, that’s a little rude, isn’t it?” Tara scowled.

“Rude? What is rude? I speak the truth.”

I’ll probably regret asking. “What do we do that is repugnant?”

“The way your males and females couple as if they were alphas and betas, for one. Your practice of elevating weaker, inferior members of your species does not serve your society.”

Of course she’d known what Parseon males believed. That too had been briefly mentioned in her prep sessions, which she had attended, unlike a certain Neanderthal who preferred to keep his mind locked tighter than the refuse hatch on an intergalactic shuttle. And she’d observed some of the behavior when dealing with customers at the Bazaar. But she’d never heard their ideology stated so blatantly.

If she hadn’t been naked, she would have thrown his shirt back in his face. Instead, she snuggled into it and jutted out her chin. “If females are so inferior, then why did you bother to take me?”

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To thank my readers who have supported me I’m offering an exclusive contest just for them. For those who read Terran and post a review, I’ll have a drawing for two $50 Amazon gift certs.

Terran Reader Contest Details

  1. Post a review of Terran on Amazon within two weeks of the release date—by May 20, 2014—and email a link to the review to carabristol50 (at) yahoo (dot) com and put Terran Reader Contest in the subject line.
  2. To gain additional contest entries and increase your chance of winning, post a review on Goodreads, Loose Id, Barnes & Noble, All Romance and/or your blog and email me the links. You will receive one additional entry for EACH review, but remember that posting on Amazon is the qualifier for entering the contest.
  3. The winners will be chosen by Random.org. If you don’t like the book, write your review anyway. You can still enter the contest.

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  1. Cara Thereon says:

    I’m ready to read this!! Can’t wait until it hits amazon.

  2. Sue Lyndon says:

    Happy release day, Cara!

  3. Tara Finnegan says:

    Such a place to finish! I want to know the answer to her question. Congratulations on the release, Cara.

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