Bane of Her Desire: Passion and danger on the Serengeti…

KS_BaneofHerDesire-412x600Hot new Release! Bane of Her Desire by Kira Shayde from Loose Id LLC. Paranormal, Shapeshifters, Suspense, Erotic Romance.

Bane of Her Desire Blurb

When Holly Ainran’s brother goes AWOL from an elite military force in New Tanzania, she confronts Commander Bane Ojore, a rare gray lion shifter. Sparks ignite, but Holly finds a challenge in taming this brooding, hostile beast. Bane does not expect the daughter of a high-ranking Parliamentary executive to be a smart, code-breaking expert, adamant about abolishing the lion caste hierarchy and ending the lion-hyena conflict. Nor would he expect such a stunning lioness to fall for him. But Bane’s job is to find the traitors supplying weapons to the hyenas and all signs point to Holly’s brother. Holly won’t give up on her brother though…or Bane. As their passion escalates, so do the risks, the danger, and ultimately, their love.

Bane of Her Desire Excerpt

Again, the message on his desk beckoned him. He’d pass it on to one of his coders. But was she serious about helping? He opened his desk, pulled out an old message, and handed it to her. “Can you decrypt this?”

Her eyes widened as she inspected the paper. “On the spot? Give me some time and–”

“Time is something we don’t have,” he replied tersely.

She took a deep breath. “Hand me a pen.”

The corner of his mouth rose, and he reached into his desk. Generally, he wasn’t on the receiving end of orders. He handed a pen to her and watched her scribble on the paper, brow furrowed. After a moment, she stared at the ceiling, absorbed in thought, then returned to scribbling. Finally she set the paper down on his desk and pushed it toward him with a self-satisfied smile. “Fast enough for you?”

He picked it up and read what she’d written under the coded message. He peered at her over the top of the paper. “Yes.”

She sat back in her chair. “But that was a simple code. You knew that, didn’t you?”

Instead of replying, he gave her a handheld communicator.

“Another test?” She studied the string of nonsense characters on the communicator screen, although it didn’t seem to capture her full attention. More than once her focus flicked to him as he leaned against the file cabinet, arms crossed, biceps flexed.

He tapped his foot, and she lifted her head. “This one is a little more complicated.”

“Oh, is my presence affecting your concentration?” he asked, looking down at her.

“Your foot,” she stammered.

Right. It wasn’t his feet bothering her. He was used to women gawking at his physique. He was also used to taking advantage of that. Holly’s blatant staring certainly enticed him, yet she wasn’t merely another pretty girl. There was something different about her, something interesting. Something that made him want to get to know her better. Much better.

He planted his hands on his desk and leaned forward. He needed to see her again after today, even if she was a distraction. “Take the communicator home with you, where you can study the message at your leisure. Return tomorrow at fourteen hundred hours.”

Her lips thinned as she lifted her gaze to meet his. “That almost sounds like an order, Commander.”

He raised one eyebrow. “That’s because it is.”

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About Kira Shade

Kira enjoys studying love, sex, and relationships, and has a thing for Shifters. As a romance writer, Kira explores somewhat atypical pairings and settings, and can’t help adding a twinge of societal awareness to her works. But the focus is always on the developing romance, hot sex, and happy endings. You won’t find any hard-core BDSM in Kira’s stories. She prefers her hero and heroine to share the power and share the love.

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