#Saturday Spankings: From Long shot…dessert anyone?

Oops! I goofed and my Saturday Spankings post was late. But it’s here now. Abby and Harris are flirting spanko style.

“Have I been a bad girl?” Huskiness infused her voice.
“Very bad,” he teased. He hoped she wouldn’t order dessert–he planned for her to be dessert.
Abby lowered her lashes and began to eat. She raised a forkful of breaded eggplant to her mouth. After swallowing, she cut another piece and said in the most nonchalant tone, “I tried some of the spanking implements at Auntie Q’s.”
Only his experienced poker face kept him from spewing polenta across the table.

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Long-Shot-FinalLong Shot Blurb

Abby Delaney moves to Corbin’s Bend to work at her aunt’s antique store to recover from a painful divorce. She gets more than expected when she meets sexy, charming Harris Montgomery, a local businessman and tennis pro, a man who seems to be the exact opposite of her ex-husband. Through Harris, she discovers her submissive side when he introduces her to spanking good times, and she begins to trust herself again.  But when the relationship progresses to a deeper level, she discovers Harris and her ex share more in common than she’d thought. With future happiness on the line, can she risk surrendering her heart on a long shot?

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10 Responses to #Saturday Spankings: From Long shot…dessert anyone?

  1. Funny snippet Cara! I could imagine his face lol.

  2. Leigh Smith says:

    This is still on my TBR list – soon, very soon.

  3. Etta Stark says:

    You should definitely read it, Leigh. It’s very hot.

  4. hehe, loved the poker face.
    Are you doing a second CB book Cara? I loved this one!

  5. Tara Finnegan says:

    Fun snippet. Abby is really dying to try it out! This will be my reading material this week. I want to read them all in order. Very much looking forward to it.

  6. I can just imagine his surprise at this spanking innocent’s confession. Great snippet.

  7. Mary Wehr says:

    She certainly surprised him with that comment!

  8. Sher says:

    Nice to see a spanker get surprised! Nice snippet, Cara!

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