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Have you heard of Corbin’s Bend? It’s a fictitious community in Colorado, USA, where all the residents practice spanking—and serves as the setting for a series of spanking romance novellas published by LazyDay/Blushing Books.  Each novella of the series is a stand-alone written by a different author, but characters from the different books appear and reappear. There are eight books in the initial rollout, but submissions are now open to others who might want to write for the series.

Today I’m sharing the published novellas; next Wednesday, I’ll present the soon-to-be released books. (Clicking on the titles will take you to the book’s buy link on Amazon).

Finding their Bliss (Corbin’s Bend #1) by Thianna D

Finding-Thier-Bliss-Final-200x300Brent Carmichael loved Corbin’s Bend. A small community at the base of the Rocky Mountains just for spankofiles, he worked tirelessly to make sure everything ran smoothly and that the residents were safe and happy. He never intended to fall in love but when Charmagne Kendle stumbled into his life, he found an attraction he had no intention of fighting.

Char moved to Corbin’s Bend after losing her job, her apartment, and her fiancé all in one day. She had no idea she was actually moving to a spanking community but with the freedom to explore her secret fetish, she found herself happily upended over Brent’s lap.

As their relationship deepened into domestic discipline, her ex appeared wanting her back. Now she had to choose. The rich, handsome, and charming Nathan Korven or former police officer Brent Carmichael. To find her bliss, there was really only one choice.

My thoughts: What a touching, tender opening to the Corbin’s Bend series. I loved this book. When Char Kendle’s fiancé breaks off their engagement because he learns of her spanking fantasies, she flees to Corbin’s Bend – where founder Brent Carmichael makes her fantasies a reality. Finding Their Bliss is a heart-warming, relatable story about people who feel different coming together to support each other. I especially liked the hero who is such a decent, caring guy. Nice writing too.

Unique about this book: It’s the first in the series and it’s (surprisingly) the “sweetest.” 

Author factoid: Thianna D developed the Corbin’s Bend Series, “created” the community and recruited the other authors

Sarah’s Tutorial (Corbin’s Bend #2) by Emily Tilton

Sarah's-Tutorial-Final-cover-200-300When Professor John Dunn moves to Corbin’s Bend, hoping to live the spanking-centered BDSM lifestyle for which he has always yearned, he gets more than he bargained for when his brilliant student Sarah Harshaw sets out to seduce him. Sarah, in turn, gets much more than she bargained for when she finds herself taken in hand, and loving it.

Both John and Sarah know that their torrid D/s relationship is wrong, but both also know that they have found in the other a true partner not just erotically, but intellectually as well. Will their love survive the trials that inevitably befall it when Sarah’s parents find out, and confront John? Can Sarah convince John that she knew what she was doing when she entered his office even though wearing his collar wasn’t in her game-plan?

My thoughts: Emily Tilton’s writing reminds me of erotica author Anais Nin, but Tilton’s style is uniquely her own, genteel and erotic, refined and smutty. In Sarah’s Tutorial, the second book in the Corbin’s Bend series, young Sarah Harshaw is intent upon seducing her college professor – only to find out this BDSM dom intends to take control of the situation. If ever two people belonged together, Prof. John Dunn and Sarah do. She is the yin to his yang. Despite the fictitious setting (Corbin’s Bend), the authenticity of the emotion in this story make it very real.

Unique about this book: Emily Tilton’s writing style. Refined, understated, yet raunchy.

Author factoid: Emily Tilton is an attorney. Legal contracts play a role in this story.

Exile to Unity (Corbin’s Bend #3) by Tara Finnegan

Exiled-To-Unity-Final_200x300When their preference for BDSM becomes embarrassingly public, Angela and Jim O’Brien decide to start afresh in Corbin’s Bend, a community based on a common ethos of spanking, a place where Ange hopes they can belong.

Ange soon learns that in this new environment, Jim is not beyond chastising her with a good sound spanking as the couple face their past demons and try to recover the closeness they once shared. New challenges soon face the couple. Will their difficulties destroy them or can their move be what Ange initially hoped for, an exile to unity?

My thoughts: This is no light spanking romance. Author Tara Finnegan tackles some serious issues, particularly postpartum depression, and its effects on mother-child bonding and the marriage relationship. Add public humiliation, loss of a job, a transatlantic move, cultural differences — the problems the couple face are huge. I liked the depth and realism of this well-written story. I liked the characters and sympathized with Ange.

I also liked Jim, but at times (strongly) disagreed with his actions. He obviously loves his wife and family and was hurt Ange’s actions. But she was suffering from depression, and I don’t think retroactive punishment for mistakes made before the DD agreement became effective was fair. He needs more mentoring to become a better HoH.

Unique about this book: The kinkiest. I also thought it had the harshest punishments of all the books.

Author factoid: Tara Finnegan is Irish. Her characters move to the U.S. from Ireland.

Leading the Way (Corbin’s Bend #4) by Constance Masters

Leading-the-Way_200x300Zachary Cunningham moved his family to Corbin’s Bend when everything in their life seemed out of control. In a DD relationship with his wife Erin, he thought things had leveled out now that they lived in a community where everyone watched out for one another and discipline was the norm. Surely his family life could be more settled now.

Erin had never made friends easily and in Corbin’s Bend she found it doubly as hard. A little too hard on herself, she ignored her mentor and any friendliness from neighbors; so afraid of making a mistake that she didn’t try. Until her husband insisted. Having convinced herself she was doing what he wanted, she made friends with a few ladies who liked to push the envelope a little. From bowling to a strip club to smoking a little weed, her life was definitely a lot more fun, even if she was hiding her activities from Zach.

When her husband and the board of Corbin’s Bend discovered their indiscretions, Erin and her friends found out what public discipline really meant. When the discipline led to a larger sense of security and more friendships than she could have imagined, Erin began to understand that following Zachary’s lead truly was the way.

My thoughts: Think of Leading the Way as Girls (Wives and Mothers) Behaving Badly. Of all the Corbin’s Bend books (so far), this one is the most family-oriented with a lot of interaction with the children in the relationship (including one who blackmails her mother!). Some of the scenes were hilarious—I particularly loved the one where all the women got stoned The text message Erin sent to her husband while stoned was a riot. I liked that Zach took his role as HOH seriously and genuinely tried to help Erin with her problems. Although spanking occurs, he wasn’t the sort to whip off his belt and spank at the slightest infraction. I felt like their DD relationship was very real.

Unique about this book: It’s the most family-oriented. The reader gets to see DD within a family setting.

Author factoid: Constance Masters is Australian and a grandmother. Most of the books I’ve read of hers have featured children as secondary characters.

Long Shot (Corbin’s Bend #5) by Cara Bristol (me!)

Long-Shot-FinalAbby Delaney moves to Corbin’s Bend to work at her aunt’s antique store to recover from a painful divorce. She gets more than expected when she meets sexy, charming Harris Montgomery, a local businessman and tennis pro, a man who seems to be the exact opposite of her ex-husband. Through Harris, she discovers her submissive side when he introduces her to spanking good times, and she begins to trust herself again.  But when the relationship progresses to a deeper level, she discovers Harris and her ex share more in common than she’d thought. With future happiness on the line, can she risk surrendering her heart on a long shot?

My thoughts: I’m not going to rate my own book. 🙂 But here’s an excerpt of a review from spanking blog Blossom and Thorn:  Ms. Bristol describes Abby’s first ever spanking, which concludes with steamy sex with Harris, with a sweet gentleness that warms the heart, but also with a passion that rocks the reader to their core. I like that the author describes the sex in a tasteful yet stimulating manner, and doesn’t use the technique of “fading to black” leaving the reader to infer at what was only hinted. I reached this part late at night, about 1:00 am, and couldn’t stop reading until I finished the scene. Needless to say, when the alarm clock sounded early the next morning to start my day I was very tired. That Cara Bristol needs to be spanked!

Unique about this book: The heroine is not a practicing spanko prior to moving to Corbin’s Bend (unlike the residents of the other books), but is initiated once she arrives.

Author Factoid: I drew on personal experience as background for this book including: tennis lessons, antiquing, and enjoying Tandoori chicken at Indian restaurants.

 The complete Corbin’s Bend series on Amazon

Corbin’s Bend website

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  1. great personal reviews and behind the scenes facts for all of these, Cara!
    I love this series.
    Kate’s is next, right?

  2. Sue Lyndon says:

    All of these books sound so good! I’m about to start Long Shot. 🙂

  3. Thianna D says:

    Thanks Cara for such wonderful reviews! My favorite part of Connie’s book is the weed scene as well. It still makes me giggle. 🙂

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