Recommended Reads for July

Golden StarsJudging from how many books I read in June, you’d think I did nothing but read! But I also wrote quite a bit, averaging about 1,500 words per day on Warrior, book 3 of the Breeder sci-fi romance trilogy. But, back to reading…I had a great time this month. Awesome, awesome reads. The word for this month is “memorable.” These stories have “legs.”

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Bane of her Desire (paranormal shapeshifter romance) by Kira Shayde – A code-cracking lioness shifter seeks information about her brother’s disappearance from the head of the Alpha Elite fighting force. Who doesn’t love an Alpha?

Leading the Way (Corbin’s Bend 4) (spanking fiction) by Constance Masters -A couple in a DD relationship move to Corbin’s Bend, but the wife doesn’t feel she fits in. Her HOH husband insists she call upon her CB mentor. A party is held, friendships are forged, and wives and mothers turn into “Girls Behaving Badly.”

Taking Courage (Love Projects (BDSM) by SJ Maylee – A young woman breaks away from her controlling father to see a new career and a lifestyle as a sexual submissive. Good example of how a submissive can still be strong.

Exile to Unity (Corbin’s Bend 3) (DD/BDSM) by Tara Finnegan – After their BDSM practices are publicly exposed a couple seek refuge in Corbin’s Bend. But a change in venue isn’t enough to repair the tears in their marriage. Can DD do the trick?

Lord of Thunder (sci-fi romance/fantasy) by Linda Mooney – Set in the 1940s, a new bride is abandoned by her husband. She’s forced to make a go of it alone–until a man arrives during a thunderstorm. A fabulously, strong heroine. Story made me cry.

His By Right (sci-fi romance) by Linda Mooney – A woman on the brink of death after a car accident is “rescued” by aliens and given the “choice” of working on a sex ship–or being returned to her car. One of her customers decides he wants to play for keeps.

Sarah’s Tutorial (Corbin’s Bend 2) (BDSM erotica) by Emily Tilton – A young co-ed sets her sights on her college professor, but he gives her more than she bargained for.

Finding Their Bliss (Corbin’s Bend 1), (spanking romance) by Thianna D – When her spanking fantasies are brought to light, a young woman’s fiance breaks off their engagement. She flees to Corbin’s Bend–where her fantasies come true.

A Spanking Good Time – At her Mercy (Femdom short story) by Emma Lai – An FBI agent is spanked by his wife. Told from the agent’s POV. Read this in conjunction with the one written by Cassandra Carr.

A Spanking Good Time – An Adventure Twice Told (Femdom short story) by Cassandra Carr – An FBI agent is spanked by his wife. Told from the wife’s POV. Read this in conjunction with the one written by Emma Lai.

The Husband’s Secret (women’s fiction) by Liane Moriarty – While her husband is out-of-town on business, a woman finds a letter addressed to her from her husband to be opened in the event of his death. She debates with herself whether to read the letter, but finally does. What she learns devastates three families. Awesome, awesome book. And so freaking real. Could not put it down!


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  1. S.J. Maylee says:

    Thank you so much, Cara! Love seeing my name mixed in with all these fab authors. I see my name over on your sidebar too. Thank you!! 😀

  2. Cara Bristol says:

    You’re welcome. All these books also are listed under the Recommended Reads tab below the header.

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