The Vagina List: synonyms for lady parts…

In writing M/F, F/M or F/F erotic romance, at some point you might need a word for vagina. What’s wrong with the “v-word?” I don’t know, but there’s something about it that sends you from sexy to  junior high health class.

There are hundreds (even thousands) of synonyms for vagina, but only a fraction that are appropriate in an erotic romance. I suspect most were coined by young males under the influence of a lot of beer. Cock socket, penis eater, penis penitentiary, bullet wound, oval office, might be amusing, but they don’t have the right tone for a sexy romance. On the internet you can find many lists with words like that. Here’s one:

238 names for vagina

[August, 7, 2016 update: The list has been removed because it is now included and published in Naughty Words for Nice Writers, a Sexual and Spanking Thesaurus, available in ebook and print on Amazon and]

I don’t have hundreds on my list, because I’ve culled the herd to those that are appropriate. These are words I’ve used, have seen in other authors’ books, and have supplemented with a little internet research.

In choosing a synonym or euphemism, keep in mind the context, tone, and genre of your story. Two women discussing a Brazilian wax might use the word vajayjay—a man never would. What works in BDSM erotica would never fly in a sensual historical romance. And often, due to context, you don’t need to mention a specific word at all. To say, “he entered her” is clear.

Also, the context of your particular story might allow you to create a euphemism that while sounding ridiculous in another work, would be perfect for that specific story. For instance, if your characters were environmentalists, you could conceivably use the word “wetlands.” If they were spelunkers, “cave” might come up.

Finally, note that the overall all “vagina list” incudes some anatomical structures that are not direct synonyms, but are in the vicinity (such as labia).

I’ve added the list to my Spanking Thesaurus (located just under the blog headers). You can also access it through this link:

Erotic romance synonyms for vagina

Did I miss any? What words do you use that aren’t on this list?

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8 Responses to The Vagina List: synonyms for lady parts…

  1. Aubrey says:

    Great lists! I’m bookmarking both! I’ve found myself over using the same terms in sexy scenes. Non-sexy scenes I often use lady bits, holy poly, and hooha.

    Wanger hanger is my new favorite inappropriate term for vagina. I can’t even think it without giggling. Also penis fly trap and Texas tunnel. I want to create crude characters, just so I can use those in a story. 🙂

  2. Thanks for this. We were just talking about this on FB – that we needed more words for this! Love your thesaurus.

  3. Starla Kaye says:

    Interesting list. There sure are a lot that don’t sound the least bit flattering or sexy.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      I know, right? I think our language reflects our society’s ambivalence toward sex in general, and female sexuality in particular.

  4. Eva says:

    The list is missing. Is the link broken?

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