Coming Oct. 21: Warrior and TWO contests–win a $75 Amazon card, chocolate!

“This book [Breeder] was too good! It had a very foreign culture (a must for me; sci-fi is my first love); romance, betrayal; female friendship;and kinky sex. Everything but chocolate.” – Amazon reviewer

bigstock-Chocolate-word-made-of-liquid--45386749Never let it be said, I don’t give my readers what they want. Chocolate it is! With the release of Warrior, Breeder 3, I will hold a prize drawing for Russell Stover chocolate!

To enter the “Chocolate Contest” post a comment and your email address on my Oct. 21 release day blog and you’ll be entered to win a gift certificate redeemable online (or in stores) to Russell Stover chocolate. Due to the shipping costs of chocolate, an Amazon gift card will be substituted if a non-US resident wins (the cost of shipping what you bought would exceed the value of the gift certificate). If you win the Chocolate contest, you must provide a mailing address.

And…once again, I’ll hold a special contest for Warrior readers. If you read Warrior and post a review on Amazon by Tuesday, Nov. 4, you’ll be entered to win a $75 Amazon gift certificate.

Coming Oct. 21!

Coming Oct. 21!

Warrior Reader Contest Rules:

  • You must post a review on Amazon and email me a link to the review, by midnight CST, Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014. Put “Warrior Reader Contest” in the subject line and email it to carabristol50 (at) yahoo (dot) com. Posting an Amazon review is the qualifier to enter the contest.
  • You may gain additional entries by posting your review on Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, and ARe. You must email me the links to those reviews also.
  • I hope you’ll love the book, but if you don’t, just post your honest review. I might cry a little, but I’ll get over it.

The winners to the Chocolate Contest and the Warrior Reader Contest will be announced on Thursday, Nov. 6, 2014.

Warrior Blurb

A female fighting for freedom.  A male armed with determination. Can they save their people?

As a despotic Qalin marches through Parseon intent on conquering every province, Commander Marlix pledges his sister to another Alpha to protect her. Desperate to decide her own fate, Anika flees and finds refuge with the guerilla resistance movement against Qalin. Marlix’s aide Urazi hunts her down to bring her home to fulfill her duty. But when love blossoms between them, and provinces fall to Qalin, Anika and Urazi realize home has ceased to exist, and they are all that stand between the people of Parseon and the end of the world.

Warrior is the third and final book of the Breeder science fiction romance series, but it can be read as a stand-alone.

Breeder (Breeder 1) on Amazon ♥ Terran (Breeder 2) on Amazon

An excerpt from Warrior

She stared at the bloodied body. “Is Grogan dead?”

Urazi knelt and checked for a pulse against the alpha’s neck. “Yes.” He peered up at her. “Who is he to you? Has he used you?”

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00014]“Monto, no!” she gasped, not considering the alpha’s intentions pertinent. “Grogan is the leader of the Guerilla Resistance against Qalin and Artom, which I have joined,” she explained. Urazi’s eyes narrowed, and she added, “Grogan was training me and other breeders to fight.” Breeders could approach a sentry without arousing his suspicion then immobilize him, allowing male guerillas to storm the post and secure it. She thrust back her shoulders with defiant pride. She, a female, was capable of supporting the war effort in a productive way.

Urazi rose to his feet to examine the paper target. “You are an excellent sharpshooter, but winning a battle requires more than skill with a crossbow. You would not fare well in hand-to-hand combat.”

Anika shrugged. “If I have a crossbow, I will not need to engage in hand-to-hand combat.”

“Did it help you today?” Urazi strode to Grogan’s body, and yanked up his bloodied uniform shirt. Attached to the alpha’s nipple was an insignia ring. Urazi unclipped it and carried it over to her.

Anika stared. A single star. Province one. Qalin.

“You have joined with the enemy to strike against your own people? You would betray your Alpha? Your sibling?”

Qalin’s insignia lay in Urazi’s palm, damning, but untrue. So untrue. “No! How could you say that? The Resistance plans to strike against Qalin. Against Artom.”

Urazi tucked the star into his uniform pouch.

“But maybe Grogan is an infiltrator acting alone,” she argued, fighting against the insidious memories; the ease with which she’d been accepted into the camp when her comrades learned of her familiarity with both Marlix’s and Dak’s provinces; Grogan’s constant but subtle questions about locations. He’d asked if she’d ever encountered Marlix himself. At the time, she’d feigned ignorance of the latter, fearing they would send her back to him.

Anika clutched her throat. What if Urazi’s accusation was correct?

“If he were an ordinary alpha or beta, I might concede it possible. But he is—by your account—the leader. I do not believe in coincidence. I have been observing the camp. Neither Marlix nor Dak would have sent females into combat.

“The Resistance you are so proud to be a part of is using you as expendable cannon fodder.”

Breeder on Amazon ♥ Terran on Amazon

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  1. angel says:

    I am so excited I just know this story will be awesome as each one of the books have Great Congrats girl I have marked it on my calendar so I will make sure I am one of the first to buy the book Yay

  2. Jule Kijek says:

    Warrior AND chocolate? A woman after my own heart! You know I’ll be all over that. So looking forward to the conclusion of this wonderful series! Way to go, Cara!

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