Reasonable Doubts (Rod and Cane 5) revealed at last! #spanking


Ta da!!!!

Here is Rod and Cane 5 — Reasonable Doubts — to be released January 2015. It is Liz Davenport’s story. Liz is a secondary character in Unexpected Consequences (book 1) and Body Politics (book 3). I’d begun writing Liz’s story in the summer of 2013, but got sidetracked on the Breeder sci-fi romance series. In Rod and Cane 5, Liz is a widow who gets a new man.

I love, love, love this cover. It’s my favorite of all the new Rod and Cane books. Like the others, it was designed by Syneca Featherstone of Original Syn.

Reasonable Doubts blurb

Widow Liz Davenport assumes when she begins to date, her new man will be like her late husband–a member of the Rod and Cane Society and an experienced disciplinarian who can provide her with loving guidance she requires to feel grounded and secure. So why is she attracted to Grant Davis, an ex-Naval  JAG officer who works for her nemesis and has never spanked a woman in his life?

Events in his recent past have forced Grant to take stock of his life and try some new things. But spank a woman? He’s never considered that before, but with Liz’s coaching he’s willing to try.

But when the past collides with the present, will he be able to step up and become the disciplinarian Liz needs?

Now for the funny story I promised you. When cover artist Syneca Featherstone sent me the Reasonable Doubts cover art comp, I loved it immediately and said, that’s a go. She sent me the finals. THEN I noticed something right away and went, EEK! Look at this picture and tell me what you see that is different from the cover above:



Do you see it yet?

Yes? No?

Look over Grant’s shoulder on the left.

OMG, is that the Virgin Mary?

It was in the comp, but I didn’t notice it. (You can see what it really is in the inspiration photo).




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29 Responses to Reasonable Doubts (Rod and Cane 5) revealed at last! #spanking

  1. Gorgeous cover and I’m looking forward to more R&C books. Ok I was looking on my phone and saw the little statue as I scrolled way down fast and just though ‘well, maybe this has a religious theme…’ 🙂

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Yikes! At first I thought, nobody but me will notice this. But I’m glad I had Syneca remove the figure. Reasonable Doubts does not have a religious theme.

  2. Casey McKay says:

    Haha! Maybe Liz was dating a priest in this one? 😉

    To be honest I would not have noticed if you didn’t point it out! Anyway, I cannot wait for this to come out and again- gorgeous cover! I am loving these!

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Thanks, Casey. This is my favorite cover of all the Rod and Cane books. This woman looks so much like Liz–how I envision her.

  3. Lisa Medley says:

    Okay, I agree… BEST COVER YET!!! I can’t wait for this one. So funny about the figure. It could have been an Easter egg, ha!

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Thank you, Lisa! Doing the RC covers was more of a challenge than I expected, but this one came together immediately. First time was the charm, except for the photo on the wall. :-).

      I’m so excited to see Liz’s story finally told.

  4. Karla Doyle says:

    It’s gorgeous, Cara! When does the book release?

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Mid to late January 2015. I can’t put a date on it because there have been delays with Loose Id in getting the rights revision letter.

  5. Livia Grant says:

    You’re right! This is an awesome cover. I’m so happy for Luz that she gets to tell her story. Congrats!

  6. aubrey cara says:

    This is my favorite of all your new covers also! Gorgeous! And I noticed Mary in the second one right away. Virgin Mary would have given it a very Italian mobster feel. 🙂

  7. Jule Kijek says:

    OMG, I LOVE this cover. Liz has such a classic elegance to her. She is just beautiful. Just like I pictured her. Strange that she would fall for a spanking novice. One never knows what or whom life has in store for us. What new adventure awaits us around the corner. I am so looking forward to reading this. As one of your biggest R&C fans, I have been waiting patiently (ok, NOT so patiently) for book 5 for a long time. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Breeder series but R&C is special. Did I say Simply Stunning cover.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Thank you, Jule. I had so much fun (and great success) with the Breeder series, but it feels good to be getting back to Rod and Cane. I’ve missed these characters.

      For me, it seemed so obvious in terms of story conflict to pair Liz with a vanilla guy. Here you have a woman who’s lived her entire life in DD relationship as the TIH partner. Who could be more opposite than a guy who doesn’t spank (or doesn’t think he does)?

      I hope readers can relate to her struggles to tell him what she really needs and wants.

      • Jule Kijek says:

        I am sure you will do us all proud, Cara. What I love about R&C is that I feel I KNOW the characters. I feel like I am a full fledged member of R&C and just catching up with friends. False Pretenses stays permanently on my a Kindle to read when I can’t decided on my next book, when I don’t have a lot of time at that moment or when I have just been having a particularly trying day/week. It’s my Hagan Daz of books.

  8. love the cover. with or without Mary since I didn’t notice until you mentioned it. LOL

    • Cara Bristol says:

      I’m glad you didn’t notice it. It makes me feel better that I missed it the first time around. I didn’t even look at the background!

  9. Toni Sue says:

    love! Congrats! 🙂

  10. Yes, that is funny she is blessing your cover! Looking forward to Jan and the power exchange between these two with Liz expectations should be interesting.

  11. S.J. Maylee says:

    So pretty! I can see why this is your favorite. I love them all together. Exciting, Cara. Very exciting. 🙂

  12. I’m loving all the new covers Cara! This one is beautiful. The Virgin Mary in the background is not very noticeable, in fact I didn’t pick it up until I went back to look for it. I also really like the kindles all lined up with the different covers 🙂

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Funny what’s in the background that you don’t notice! I always forget how things can be removed or added to photo due to the “miracle” of digital photography.

  13. Gorgeous cover. Love the whole series and the new covers are excellent. Congrats.

  14. LOVE the cover! hehe, I didn’t even notice the Virgin Mary in the background.
    I can’t wait to read this!
    The premise is awesome!
    I’m also very happy that it’s a fmc close to my age, so I can relate more easily!

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