Guest Blog: Catfished in the Old West

The Cowboy and the Mail-Order BrideBy Angela Sargenti

In the nineteenth century, men flooded the west looking for a new life.  But many, facing a shortage of women in their new communities, turned to such sources as “Heart and hand” catalogues, newspapers, and magazines such as the Ladies Home Journal, who all printed matrimonial columns, where a man could look for a bride back east.

Separated by thousands of miles, it was easy for either party to be dishonest.  An illiterate man could pay a typist to write him a persuasive letter.  Both bride and groom could be sort of “catfished” by the other party misrepresenting themselves.  Men sometimes lied about their financial station or physical looks.  A lady from New York stated that “the spell was immediately broken” when she saw her new husband-to-be’s face.

Women sometimes cashed in the train tickets that were sent to them and kept the money, and many women came out west to escape a bad reputation back east.  Sometimes their looks weren’t all they should be, either, but the shortage of women was so bad that oftentimes, “a man had to marry anything that got off the train.”

There were plenty of honest men and women, though, and many good marriages were made.  As the women arrived and couples married, they started homesteads and began having families, thereby taming the wild west.

 The Cowboy and the Mail Order Bride Excerpt:

The next morning, he was up making coffee and it wasn’t even light out yet.  He woke me with a shake to the shoulder and I turned over and groaned.

“You can’t sleep so late,” he told me.  “This here ain’t Boston.”

“It’s not late.  It’s normal time.”

“It ain’t normal for out here.  Now get on up out of that bed and make yourself useful.”

“Go do your chores and let me be, John Henry.”

“Little lady, I ain’t telling you again.  You get out of that bed or I’m gonna turn you over my knee.”

I kicked the covers off with a growl.

“All right, already.  You’d think all that stuff couldn’t wait.”

I jumped out of bed and started braiding my hair to put it up.

“You bring me some cream when you get some.  I need to churn some butter today.  Let me see.  What’ll I do first?”

And with that, I was off, not paying him any more attention and hoping he wouldn’t make me go outside and do something horrid.  I was starting to feel like he only married me to have a free ranch hand.  Several days had passed, and he hadn’t tried to make love to me again.

Well, if he didn’t want me, I didn’t want him, either.  We’d have a marriage in name only, and I’d run around being his free slave-girl for the rest of my life.  He stared at me as I threw my dress over my head, and then I made him button it.

I started by making the bed, and he just stood there looking baffled.

“We’ve both got things to do, John Henry.  Now, shoo!”

He sat down on the bed I’d just made and grabbed me up quick.  He pulled me over one thigh and popped me hard on the bottom with his big bear paw, once, twice, three times, and then he let me go.

“There now,” he told me.  “I ain’t a cat you can just shoo away.  Now quit grumbling and let’s go down to breakfast.”

I stood there in shock.

Had he just spanked me?

Like a child?

I moved toward the kitchen.  If it was breakfast he wanted, breakfast he would get.

“Here, Mrs. Allen,” I said, coming down the stairs and into the kitchen.  “Let me help you get this table set.”

I started putting the plates down unnecessarily hard and John Henry just sat there and watched.  I knew I was making him mad, but I didn’t care anymore, so I slammed the jam pot down in the center of the table.

When Mrs. Allen left the room to go do something, I found my husband addressing me.

“You break one of them plates or crack that pot, you and me’s going to have a problem.”

“Oh?  What are you going to do, spank me again?”

“Yes, and when I do, I ain’t stopping at three.  You’re going over my knee and I’m going to tan your bare bottom.  Care to try me?”

The Cowboy and the Mail Order Bride Blurb:

Eleanor’s parents passed away unexpectedly, leaving her penniless. Fearing she had no other options, she accepts an offer of marriage from a wealthy rancher. She agrees to travel out west and become his bride, but part of that agreement means she must subject herself to his discipline.

John Henry Morgan expects his new bride to be an obedient wife, but soon finds the headstrong Eleanor taking his home–and his heart–by storm.

Can the impetuous Mrs. Morgan abide by her new husband’s rules and make him a comfortable wife, or will she lose him to his former lady friend, Miss Lou Anne Franklin?

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Angela Sargenti Bio:

Angela is the author of the zombie blog, After Old Joe. She has penned dozens of erotic and horror stories and has written for such anthologies as BDSM, Sex Toy Stories 2, and The Big Book of Submission: 69 Kinky Tales.  The Cowboy and the Mail-Order Bride is her second novel with Blushing Books.  You can stalk her at or on twitter at

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  1. Casey McKay says:

    I don’t think she should test him! Or maybe she should 😉

    This looks good, Angie! I think I will have to go buy myself an early Christmas gift, good luck with it!

  2. Thanks for having me, Cara!

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