Unexpected Consequences #spanking romance £.99 on #Amz #UK 3 days only!

Last week Amazon had a special promotion for US readers–this week it’s the Brits’ turn! Unexpected Consequences, a Rod and Cane Society spanking romance, is only £.99 on Amazon UK. But only for three days. Then the price goes back up to £2.51.

Amazon UK

It’s also available on Amazon, Amazon AU & Amazon CA, but is not on sale

CaraBristol_RandCSociety_UnexpectedConsequences_400x600Unexpected Consequences Blurb

Newlywed Melania Traynor loves life, shoes, and most of all, her husband Jared – a tall, handsome, protective man with a commanding side. He’s a member of the secret Rod and Cane Society, an organization of men who maintain discipline in the home with a loving heart and an open hand. When he tells her he believes in domestic discipline and will spank her if she misbehaves, she enters into their marriage with eyes wide shut confident she’ll never be on the receiving end. But when she disobeys Jared, she discovers that discipline isn’t all talk.

An excerpt from Unexpected Consequences

Melania hobbled into the house and slipped off her new red shoes, sighing in relief as the marble tiles of the massive foyer cooled her blistered feet. It had been a stupid idea to wear the shoes to the hairdresser’s. But she couldn’t resist. They were so pretty, and it would be awhile before Jared would forget and she could wear them in his presence. The way the girls in the salon had oohed and aahed made her feel special. Unfortunately she’d been unable to find a parking space near the hairdresser and had to hoof it. The hike to and from the salon had caused the shoes to rub her feet raw in places.

Clutching the pumps in her hands, she ascended the stairs to dress for dinner.

Everything was ready for the evening’s party. The house was clean and sparkling. The wine-braised beef was roasting. She’d stuffed baked potatoes and would put them into the oven for a second baking just before the guests arrived. A tray of canapés awaited their guests in the fridge. Melania was almost ready herself. She’d showered before she left for her hair and nail appointments. A new dress hung in her closet. All she needed to do was put on her face and slip into the dress—a tight, black, slinky, one-shouldered number.

CaraBristol_UnexpectedConsequences_3dbookPromoGraphic1_640X480_blurb1Melania stowed the shoes in an old shoebox at the back of her closet, stripped off her street clothes, and donned a silk robe over her red thong and lacy, strapless push-up bra. She sat at the vanity to do her makeup.

She’d pretty much completed the job and was smoothing gloss over her lips when she became aware of Jared leaning against the doorjamb.

“You’re home early.” She curved her lips in welcome. She turned to look at him, silently congratulating herself on her foresight to hide the contraband.

He approached her, but he didn’t return her smile, and she realized this was the first time Jared had arrived home and didn’t greet her with a kiss. She rose to her feet and arched her eyebrows with concern. “Is something wrong? Did something happen at work?”

His eyes zeroed in on her blistered heels. “What happened to your feet?”

Her stomach took a guilty dive. “I got a little blister,” she said casually, flattening her hand against her fluttering stomach. “I couldn’t find a parking space and had to walk.”

“What shoes were you wearing?”

She shrugged, avoiding his gaze. “Just a pair of heels.” As long as she stayed close to the line of truth, it wasn’t a fib. Not a big one, anyway.

“Old ones or new ones?”

“New…ish.” She lifted a shoulder.

“Which ones?” Jared crossed his arms over his chest. She sneaked a glance at his face and read the disbelief in his laserlike gaze.

Damnit, he knew. But how could he know? The quickening in her stomach turned to tumbling, and she decided she’d better come clean. She stifled a sigh. She hoped this wouldn’t turn into an argument. It would make for an awkward, tense evening. “I decided to go ahead and buy the shoes.”

“Which shoes are those?” he asked with infuriating persistence.

“The red ones,” she muttered.

“The ones I specifically told you not to buy?”

Annoyance flared. Jared was her husband, the head of their small family, but he wasn’t her boss. “Yes, Lord and Master, the ones you told me not to buy,” she snapped. She threw her hands into the air. “Are you happy now?” She planted her fists on her hips.

“Is that how you show respect? With sarcasm?” A dangerous edge entered his voice.

“I’m sorry.” She huffed the insincere apology.

“You’re sorry you got caught, maybe, but I don’t believe you’re sorry you defied my wishes.”

“It was only a pair of shoes.” She refused to feel guilty. They could afford them, and what right did he have to dictate whether she could buy a pair of shoes, anyway? “I’m a grown woman. If I want to buy a pair of shoes, I shouldn’t have to ask permission.” She tightened the belt of her robe.

Jared shook his head. “No, generally you don’t have to ask permission to buy something you need or want. But I had a reason for telling you no, and since I did, you should have obeyed my request.”

“So what was your reason?” Her gaze collided with his.

“That’s immaterial now.” He glanced at her feet. “Put on the shoes you bought, and meet me in my study. Right now.”


“Because we’re not done.” He turned to leave.

She shivered in apprehension. His steely-eyed expression, the stern slash of his mouth made her nervous. This wasn’t tender, indulgent Jared. This was lay-down-the-law Jared. “I have to finish getting dressed first.” She stalled.

“No. Come as you are.” Jared stopped in the doorway. “Tomorrow you’re going to return those shoes to the store for a refund.”

“But they won’t take them back,” she sputtered. “They’ve been worn. The soles are scuffed.”

“Then you’ll donate them to charity.” He stalked out of the bathroom.

Melania retrieved her shoes and collapsed onto the vanity bench. Her heart was thumping, and her stomach was upset. She and Jared had just gone head-to-head in the first fight of their new marriage. Unfortunately it wasn’t over. She shouldn’t have sneaked behind his back, but he shouldn’t have refused her. He acted like he had been testing her.

He hadn’t shouted, but he was angry. Perversely, his self-control seemed more ominous than if he had ranted and raved. She felt as if she’d entered the eye of a hurricane. Things appeared calm, but the air crackled with a dangerous energy. She did not want to meet Jared in his office, but she didn’t dare disobey. You could push a man only so far.

Melania wedged her feet into her shoes and gasped when she took a step. The shoes seared her feet like sandpaper rubbing a raw wound. She removed the shoes. Carrying them, she hurried to meet Jared.

His study door was closed. She knocked twice quietly, hoping he wouldn’t hear and she could tiptoe away while still fulfilling the letter of Jared’s law. She’d reported as ordered. It wasn’t her fault if he didn’t hear.

“Come.” His voice, though muffled, was too audible to ignore.

Damn. Melania took a deep breath, turned the handle, and pushed open the heavy paneled door to find her husband bent over his leather-and-wood valet thingy. They had received the unusual stand as a wedding gift from the Rod and Cane Society, but she didn’t know what the piece was. She assumed it was a guy thing. A man toy. The valet’s wide, padded leather seat rested atop four mahogany legs, reminding her of a gymnastics pommel horse. Its height could be adjusted by removing wooden pegs in the legs, as Jared was doing now.

He glanced over his shoulder. “Put your shoes on, please.”

It was on the tip of her tongue to ask why, but she figured her question would annoy him further, so she eased her feet into the shoes.

Jared lowered the leather seat of the valet, then flipped a release, allowing a squared metal ring to pop out of a hidden panel at the base of each leg. She’d never noticed that before.

Melania’s breath caught in her throat as Jared strode from the horse to his large desk, unlocked a drawer, and removed a paddle and four fleece-padded leather bands with buckles. Her heart fluttered as if a hummingbird were caught in her chest cavity. Surely he wasn’t going to—

Unexpected Consequences on Amazon UK

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